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Various Visual Armour Problems

bodyslide armour clothing

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I actually solved all 3 of these problems in the same way


on BodySlide, my game was set to Skyrim even though I use SSE so I changed that

additionally when I provided the game path for SSE, I accidentally gave the SSE folder, not the Data folder that it was supposed to be


put simply : idiot noob mistakes






Hello All,

I have installed quite a few armour mods, but have come across 3 problems, I have done a bit of research and have not managed to solve any of the problems

I'm not very good at modding so some of these might be idiot noob mistakes



1) I use CBBE and 3BBB, the most frequent problem is that when I equip a body armour, it resets my body proportions to the default. All of the armours have bodyslide presets (as far as I know) and I have reinstalled and rebuild these in bodyslide but nothing has worked. Research has told me that a solution is to use a bodyslide preset specific to my body shape. Put simply - I would much rather avoid this. Some mod armours adjust to my character's body sliders directly instead of just the weight, just like the vanilla outfits do. I would like to know why this doesn't happen with some mod armours, and how I can set up armours to work like this with bodyslide.


2) 2 of my armours turn my character invisible, I've heard this issue is caused by meshes not being loaded, however I've checked and as far as I know, the meshes are in the right places and so I don't know what to do


3) One of the armours messes up my skin texture (demoniac), where the nipple texture appear below where it should be and very noticeable seams near the crotch, I have no idea what this issue is caused by




That is it, I apologise if I have not explained it well enough and thank you in advance

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