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previs preculling precombines

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Is anyone here experienced with precombines or preculling at all? I'm trying to get a mod that replaces part of Boston Airport to work, but I keep running into these horrendous issues where parts of the map just outright disappear. I don't know what's causing it, I've deleted previs files that affect the areas, but I'm still running into them. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Help?kb9JSpH.pngAi2448f.png



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It looks like this is behind the Robco building location added by the Automatron DLC? If yes, do you have Automatron (DLCRobot.esm) loaded when going your regen? If you don’t, you tend to get all sorts of preculling issues in-game within the cells around that area with Automatron enabled. You might try enabling Automatron when loading the CK, doing your regen and taking another look. 


Assuming the DLC is the reason behind your issues, it will mean your mod will need to use the Automatron DLC as a dependency unless you feel like maintaining both DLC and non-DLC versions.


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If you look at that area in the CK, is there anything there (that either spawns in after certain events or is removed by certain events you have already completed in your testing)? If so, you could try adding the "Non-occluder" flag to any base objects that are causing issues, then after generating previs remove that flag from the final plugin and clean any ITMs* before release. 


If there are no objects there in the CK that could cause it to block the view, then no idea. 


*things that are ITMs once the non-occluder flag is removed

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