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Story Mod: Live Another Life AND Main Quest

live another life story mod story start new game lore-friendly compatibility

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I quite enjoy the main quest of Skyrim, but I also love role-playing and therefore love Arthmoor's Alternate Start - Live Another Life mod.


I've got a great mod idea to combine the two stories fluidly.  Remember in the vanilla start, you have been caught "trying to cross the southern border of Skyrim".  What if you could actually do this?


The mod I'm suggesting would function as an intermediary between the Live Another Life mod and the Main quest.  Essentially, you start with the first mod, playing as a bard or a land owner or whatever you choose.  At some point, you are travelling in south Skyrim, maybe south Falkreath.  You come across an Imperial camp and are captured.  You awaken on a cart, travelling down the slope and into Helgen and the main quest begins as it is supposed to!


I think this would be great, because you could essentially build your own back story before starting the main adventure of skyrim.  If this mod were made, I think it would be a must-have for anyone playing Arthmoor's Live Another Life, and for any story players that have not used his mod for fear of disrupting the feel of the main story line.

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