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Issues installing Skyrim SE Script extender with Vortex?

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Hello, finished looking through the beginner guide and the trouble shooting guide, nothing matched my inquiry so I am posting here. I bought Skyrim SE through Steam. I also have a Nexus account and I have Vortex set up, I have run through the beginners guide that includes step by step info on downloading a few mods. Currently stuck on the portion dedicated to Skyrim Script extender. I have made a few attempts now at deleting my download and reattempting it. I found the right place to put my script extender files, but I followed the advice of the first youtube tutorial, and I moved all the files into the Game file, instead of leaving the data and sv file folders alone. Watching Gopher's tutorial after the fact, I see that the does not recommend doing that at all, but I am not sure how to undo what I have done. The tutorial he uses was back before Vortex, but from what I understand the Nexus Mod Manager was replaced by Vortex (?) So I would assume I would just drag those folders into the downloads in the Vortex App? I am not sure what to do next, Im thinking I might of screwed myself. If I click on the Skyrim Folder within the main folder I find the skse64\_loader, but clicking on it opens up a notification that SkyrimSE.exe cannot be found, I am assuming because It is not in that sub folder. Any advice on where to go from here? I didnt want to bother anyone here until I had read up and watched a video tutorial, but at this point I could use some assistance.



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I have seen too many folks have issues installing script extenders via their mod manager..... So, I tend to just drag/drop the required files into the correct folder. (which is where you find the main .exe file for the game....) The archive should have a readme in it, with the installation instructions. (basically, which files you need to copy...) But, in order for it to work, you need to start the game with the skse loader. You can tell vortex you have it, and it will start the game from there.

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