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Need help with making a RaceMenu preset

racemenu chargen preset overwatch brigitte brigitte lindholm

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Okay, so I was a bit confused when choosing where to post this because I guess it's a mod request but it also kinda goes under the description of "SSE Creation Kit and Modders" where it says "get help with making mods" but then I decided that it's probably more of a request because I myself won't be doing much. I got confused, please don't get mad at me if i messed up.


Anyways, regarding the topic in hand. I want to recreate a specific character, Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch. There already is one preset, here https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/20942, but I don't really want to use it. First, the author deamnds contacting them when using this preset in mods (which shouldn't be impossible though, since they were online last time not so long ago, would've been quite hopeless if they were offline for a year or something). Second, yes, I'm planning on further usage of the preset in one or two mods but it's a ECE preset and I don't know how to work with those and when I pulled off some shenanigans to kinda sorta port it to RaceMenu it didn't exactly end up fantastic so if sticking to this preset I'd also need to inquire about using ECE presets in mods. Third, which may be silly, I wanted to personally do as much as I can. Fourth, something about it just feels off. And no, not just the misising freckles. Naturally, a 100% idetnitcal preset would require specifically made cartoonish assets but this one... I dunno... I guess it kinda looks like Brigitte but it also doesn't. Maybe sexualized screenshots messed the perception up, I dunno. So I ended up making my own preset.


Which did not go very great because I suck. Though I showed the two of them to a couple of people and they pointed to mine as the one that looks more like Brigitte (and I didn't tell them that I made one of the presets so that should exclude the possibility that they just wanted me to feel good about the work I did) so I guess it's not horrible at least. I myself have mixed feelings. Like, literally. First I look at it and think that it's actually pretty good but then after some time I look at it with no changes done and think that it sucks. In any case, it definitely can be imroved, so here I am, asking for someone to continue the work. While I would probably evetually iron things out (yeah, in a year or two) I always struggled with mouths so, if you decide to help me out with the preset, the mouth should be of higher priority.


Here is a dropbox link https://www.dropbox....8tuv13jzBa?dl=0 to a folder that contains pictures of Brigitte from the front and from the side, my preset and a screenshot of it. Mods required for the preset: Maevan2's Eyebrows https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/26881 and KS Hairdos https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/6817. I also used Demoniac textures https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/19355 and eye texture replacer from Fair Skin Complexion https://www.nexusmod...dition/mods/798 but since these are replacers they aren't hard required and I'm looking for better suiting ones anyways.


Speaking of which, if you happen to know a better suiting body or eye texture, eyebrows or a hairstyle please do tell about it. I'm aslo looking for a freckles mod. Can't forget about the freckles. Which are barely noticeable with the currently used textures so I defintely need alterantives. Sure, I can just go rummaging through all the cosmetic mods looking for a good fit but that's probably gonna be a teensy weemsy tiny little bit too time-consuming so yeah, it'd be lovely to find any suggestions here.


Hope I'll get some help! Thanks in advance.


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