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New to the CK, multiple mod patch, landscape

creation kit skyrim landscape patch

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Will try and spell this out as plain as I can without confusion....


I have mods A, B and C; mod A has a house in a position that clips into changes made from Mod B and some landscape added from mod C. My CK question is, should I create an empty esp, mark it as active in the CK when loading mods and have the other mods in question loaded? Would that then save any changes to the 'active mod' (which would be my empty mod)? And if so, will it automatically set masters as needed? Just want to make sure I know how this actually works before I go experimenting. Yes it's paranoia (yes I can reinstall mods if they get f'd but I'd rather have a definite answer from those with experience, and any possible caveats others have seen).


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Or is it best to just edit Mod A directly for a change like this?




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The CK should set the masters when you save. You can check with Xedit or Zedit. Moving in the mod A can be done, but beware of navmeshes and possible other interactions.



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