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Modding Arx Fatalis

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Hello dear Nexus community !

 I am a french modder beginning on Fallout New Vegas and also Arx Fatalis, as I managed to get it via GOG , and loved it before,

I have a few questions for those -rare ? - of us who would have already modded their Arx Fatalis game;

Does someone know how to create and inject new models on Arx Fatalis ? I already found a narrow mean to only modify some existing models, some points thanks to  ChikoEduardo who worked on a nice extension mod,  but some other points, like editing original items in order to make functionnaly new items, viewable Ingame, are still a mystery to me.
The only other point I found was to figure out how to modify, in a certain extent, some properties of existing items, allowing to do some funny things, but not really more.


Also, I seek how to properly use DANAE, someone here have some english documentation on this free released, original game editor ? The only one I found was in Russian, a language sadly I do not speak nor read.

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