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Head Scarves

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I have a Redguard character who wears a head scarf when out adventuring or doing work so that her hair doesn't fall in her face/is out of the way. Sadly, I can't find any mods that include head scarves for daily wear. Granted I haven't sifted through ALL the mods, because going under the clothing tag on the SSE Nexus is like opening a porn website, but from a quick search, I can't find anything.


From a lore perspective, I think that adding these as a clothing item would make sense! In real life, head scarves are used to protect the head from rain, dirt, snow, harsh sun, etc. and to also protect the hair from getting caught in machinery.


But why not just have your character wear a helmet or hat?

Because I want to see her face, and the hats in Skyrim are butt ugly. Plus, it just looks a lot nicer than a hat or helm, and can be worn more casually around Skyrim. Plus, considering the real world basis of Redguard culture, it would make sense from a lore perspective! Head scarves would provide a nice, lightweight and fashionable protection from the harsh weather of Hammerfell's deserts.


In conclusion: we need a good headscarf mod!!! Please!!!!!




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It's not the same thing, but this mod https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/34747 adds some variants of the headwear the alik'r warriors use in skyrim, plus a bunch of other things.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: clothes, armor

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