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[Mod Request] Force Controller's UI even when using KB/MS

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Recently I bought a Xbox One Pro controller, which has 4 paddles on the back. I wanted to try to play Outward differently. But sadly I learned too late that the four paddles at the back are only duplicates and not actual new keybind.


Yeah but why do I need 4 extra keybinds for Outward ?


First, the keybinds are pretty tight on this game, a lot of skills/actions and fewer buttons than the KB/MS can offer. And (I don't know if it's the case for other people) when I press the button to sprint, which is also the button to dodge, I get my character rolling instead of sprinting once every two minutes. Which killed me many times already. I thought first my controller was the issue, but I tried on Dark Souls 3 and I never roll while trying to sprint.

Second, if I set dodge on B for example and I remove completly the crouch button, which is bearable to me, when I use trigger + B to use a skill, if my skill is on cooldown or if I spam a bit too much the button, my character will start rolling. With default keybinds, my character doesn't crouch when I spam the button, so I'm guessing the game has a flaw on rebinding X/Y/B/A.


So here's my idea to solve the problem, could it be possible to force the controller's UI even when I'm using the KB and MS ? This way I could bind KB's keys to the paddles and have 4 extra keybinds, which should totally solve the problem I'm having here. Because the UI freaks out when I'm doing this right now, doing back and forth between PC's UI and controller's UI.

Or, and this seems to be more simpler to do, but could be actually way harder, I don't know, fix the issue where it's impossible de rebind the dodge to X/Y/B/A because then you roll while trying to use skill.


I'm sorry for talking a lot about me in this post, but I'm sure I'm not the only one in that case, a game like Outward is really fun on a controller, and having those issues can really turn down the will to play !


Edit : oh sorry I forgot, completely rebindng to only KB's bind wouldn't do the trick, because then can't use items in inventory.

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