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Rant about armor and damage

power armor damage armor penetration headshot armor realistic

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I am well aware that FNV is an RPG, and therefore, all enemies take bulks of ammo to die during the early stages, until you level up and get perks that increase damage/crits, like Finesse.

But it's a shooter at heart (or a brawler, if you so desire), and it puts you in a harsh environment, which, with Hardcore and Project Nevada, makes you feel like you really were living in a world ravaged by nuclear war.

So I find it very justifiable to feel that the damage in FNV doesn't really feel right at all.

First of all - a headshot is a headshot. Nuff said. I don't care how tough that guy is, if he's not keeping his brain somewhere else, he should be dead before the bullet even left his skull. I know about the lethal headshots mod, but all it does is it pumps the damage multipliers on headshots to very high extents - which effectively makes Power Armor useless - even to small calibers such as 9mm and 5.56mm - whereas Power Armor, by Fallout lore, was designed to turn a trained soldier into a walking tank (and effectively engage Chinese tanks) - meaning that Power Armor must effectively serve as Ballistic Armor against calibers as big as .308 and maybe even .50, if hit in a thickly armored center torso portion. That is clearly not the case, which is why I uninstalled the mod 5 minutes after using it.

Secondly, ballistic armors such as Combat Armor (even more so to further advancements of the Combat Armor), and obviously, Power Armor, should effectively protect it's wearer from all damage if the caliber that it absorbs is small enough - so, for example, if a Combat Armor wearer is hit in the torso with a 9mm or a 5.56mm, he should not sustain any damage, aside from the trauma caused by the bullet's impact, which is mostly absorbed.  Again, clearly not the case.
Power Armor should make it's user immune to most in-game calibers (and energy weapons - the external layer of the armor is coated with a special silver coating which protects the wearer against lasers and external radiation), instead, it should be mostly only vulnerable to Electromagnetic Pulses which disrupt the Power Armor's electronic/nerval interface systems and damage it's wearer's nervous system,  - while EMP weapons are an effective way to deal with BoS paladins, the Power Armor is still pretty squishy to bigger calibers, and, ofcourse, critical hits.  Again, feels very incorrect by Fallout lore. 

On the other hand - if you are shooting at an unarmored target (even mutants), they should die much faster - I mean, the brain isn't the only vital part in the body - if you hit someone in the liver, they will die. If you hit someone in the lung, they will die after a few seconds. If you punch someone in their ribcage hard enough, one of the ribs could puncture a lung and kill the victim. A hit with the Power Fist (or a really strong punch from a 9-10 STR character) in the back should crush the victim's spine, effectively killing him.     

To save you the reading, I won't go into bleeding and bone fractures, because we don't have to go that deep into realism, but you get the point.

All of that being said, are there any currently available mods for FNV (or currently in development) that might satisfy my needs for a bit more correctly feeling armor/damage system?





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Hmm sounds like lots of work. Its one thing to make "sweet-spots" on a human body (heart, lungs, liver). But how does a ghoul react to a bullet in the liver? Or should FEV subjects have 50% higher resistance from damage that hit there back/spine? due to the super human body of theirs? And how about deathclaws? - As you see your request Needs ton of work and thought.

And one thing more. Perfect realism would make the game less fun too (IMO).

Nevada is my recommendation for you, where you can adjust dmg and such, but maybe not as much and precise as you want.

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