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Save Editor Help-Want Alistair as Warden NOT KING

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Hello everyone,

I need help figuring out all the flags, Integer and Boolean, that I need to have in order for Alistair to be a warden. I have thoroughly checked but have no idea what is conflicting. 

When I check in the game, my codex says he's a warden who gave up the thrown to QEEN Anora, Threnn talks about QUEEN Anora, and the story teller outside Redcliffe refers to WARDEN Alistair. Yet after the Hushed Whispers mission, there's Alistair. I checked my save and all my flags are set for Alistair to be Warden. After that cutscene, I checked the codex and he's still referred to as a WARDEN. 

What is going on....is it a glitch....what flags conflict.....what did I over look......Here are my flags:

-Did Morrigan have a baby-2

-Did Warden remain King Alistair's mistress-4

-What happened to Alistair-3

-What happened to the Warden-1

-Who did the Warden romance-1

-Who killed the Archdemon-0

-Who now rules Fereldan-3

-Was Alistair executed-False

-Warden romanced Alistair-True

-Warden married Alistair-False

-Warden married Alistair and Anora-False

-Is Alistair King-False

-Is Alistair alive-True

-Did Morrigan have Alistair's baby-True

-Did Alistair kill the Archdemon-False

-Anora queen with the Warden-False

-Anora is queen alone-True

-Anora is queen alone or with the Warden-False

-Alistair is king with Warden-False

-Alistair is king with Anora-False

-Alistair is king alone-False

-Alistair is drunk-False


I know I'm missing some, but idk what could possibly conflict. I have all the Loghain questions be about him being dead so.....idk which flag needs to get set or if I did some of these wrong.....





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