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mod animations idles gender specific

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Ok I am going to be using the YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander mod.  And according to a comment posted in their forum there is a way to be able to use both the male and female versions of the mod, but they didnt explain exactly how to do it.  I know I am supposed to put the female animations in the female folder, but I am not sure if I have to put the male ones in the male folder or in the main animation folder.  I know once I get them put in the right folders that I have to use FNIS generator and check the gender specific checkbox.  All I really need to know is where to put the male version of the file if I am going to use both.  If anyone knows what to do for that, please leave me a comment or pm me.
On a side note I have another, different question.  If anyone knows what uses the cubemap texture named chitin_e_ebony, that would be great.  Cause at the moment I have 2 mods that have a cubemap with that name, but the actual textures are different, and I am not sure if its safe to overwrite it.  The mods I am referring to are the Skyrim HD 2k mod, and the Dragon Rend Arrow mod.  Both use a cubemap texture called chitin_e_ebony.  The Dragon Rend Arrow mod, uses that as part of the quiver textures, but I dont know what the Skyrim HD 2K mod uses it for, since it only has a texture folder, so I dont know what that cubemap texture replaces.  Or if it even matters what actual texture is used for the cubemap as long as it has that specific name??  So I'm kinda lost there.  So if anyone knows please leave a comment here or pm me, Thanks :biggrin: .

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