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Before I Mod COTW

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1. Will they get me banned?


2. Will they work on multiplayer?


3.How bout if we all have the same mods?


4.Will I need to disable mods to play multiplayer with my buddy?

BONUS: why do the devs and offocial forum moderators seem to have such a hate boner for modding cotw?



Thankyou in advance both for your answers and for the mods!




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1. No you wont be banned . This only could happen if you start using mods-cheats in multiplayer you say what are you using to everybody


2. They should work on mp


3 I don´t understand this question


4 You don´t need disable mod to play multiplayer with your buddy, but don´t use mods- cheats (mod for more diamonds and others)  in MP if you are playing with persons you don´t know.


Devs and official forum moderatos hate mods because a lot of people are using mods-cheats in multiplayer or in youtube for getting more diamonds and it would a big problem or maybe imposible use a vac system in this game.




Author says:

Please keep in mind that this is very much a cheating mod.
Please do keep it to yourself when using this mod and do not be dishonest about the fact that you used this mod.
If this mod would be a detriment to the community overall I'd have to take it down.


Other example:

Many players are reporting bugs in the game, but devs have discovered many bugs come from using mod with this game and they have used a lot of time trying resolve a problem that wouldn´t happen if some mods would have installed

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At this time i have about 7,675 hours playing COTW...since February 2017.....The company EW that makes this game is a " joke" they have been addressed with 101 "important" <------KEY WORD  issues /glitches, errors that the game still has and at the end of the day, they fix, or bring out whatever they  want to do.....People here wastes time in doing their survey, when at the end, like i said its of no importance.


Yes, they are a small company, ( Maybe raise your prices and higher MORE developers )...


They dislike modding with a passion, they felt they were " exempt" from moddding a, that they were unique,.

They make the game difficult for beginning players and forget about getting RARE DIamonds...., A melanistic Elk Diamond??... Forget it, it wont happen    An Albino Diamond Whitetail??... Forget it , it wont happen!!.

This is the reason why many modders make mods on this game because of them ..

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