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(Lore-Friendly) A Batman-esque Mod

batman lore-friendly lore friendly stealth assassin hero vigilante home house

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What I will cover.


  1. The basic outline.
  2. Details and how it will work.



~~~~~~~~~~BASIC OUTLINE~~~~~~~~~~




The idea came to me, a highly-creative thinker, while I was at work watching the conveyor belt roll by.


Want to know what it is?




I love Batman. Always have, since I rented Batman: Arkham Asylum. The world of Batman is beautiful, the characters memorable, the stories amazing.


I also love The Elder Scrolls, since I first watched my Uncle play Morrowind when I was at least 11 or so. I'm a sucker for fantasy as deep as The Elder Scrolls.


And I have found a way to assemble the two together, and make it absolutely lore-friendly!










So we have a DC Universe character and a roleplaying fantasy game. How the hell am I going to manage to put these two together?


Well, I'll tell you how. Here's how I imagined this.



Near Riverwood, in the shadows of trees and stone, lies a cave. A seemingly unexplored cave that you, the Dragonborn, shall set foot in. It is very dark, and empty. No music plays. You walk for several seconds, and you find a 'dead end'.


But it's not a dead end.


Upon snooping around, you find a well-hidden switch, that you need activate only once to open the hidden door.


The stone slowly slides down, revealing a candle-lit lair, fully furnished to the likings of an adventurer. You have a big open circular room in front of you, with several other small stone-carved hallways branching off of it.


In this circular room lies a table. With several candles on it, a large map of the world, and finally, a single key that is named "Bedroom Key".

You take the key, explore a bit until you find the locked bedroom door. You open it, and find a rather cozy little bedroom, with a skeleton lying on the bed. The skeleton holds a journal, marked "Worn Book".


You pick it up to read it. Faint music plays.


<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> I have finally settled in my new abode, and will take the time to know the local residents at Riverwood and Helgen. They believe me to be a hermit, albeit a friendly one. I shall live here, hire some miners, and use my vast wealth to fashion a hub out of this. A headquarters.



<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> After hiring several miners to mine out the stone for these caves, I retired their services, leaving me to my new home in which I will now decorate. The central hub will be the map room, as well as a vast library. The north wing will be my bedroom. The east wing will be my armory, and the west wing will be my laboratory, where I will place a forge, smelter, enchanting altar, and an alchemist's lab.



<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> At last. My home is now complete. I am protected from all sorts of danger from outside, thanks to my hidden door. I placed a bed, dresser, and several other basic needs right outside the hidden door, so people will assume I live there, that it's all there is to see.



<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> I am stricken with illness. My servant has examined me, concluding that it is a severe case of Rockjoint. I sent him out not too long ago to fetch some medicine.



<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> It's been hours. Where in Oblivion is he?



<RANDOM SKYRIM DATE> I can't make it much longer. Even now, I'm having difficulty in writing this. Whoever finds this journal, listen to me. There must be another Dark Knight.


I was the Dark Knight of Skyrim. I brought justice to the dangerous nights, slaying all manner of danger that threatened the innocent. Now my time is up, but the night grows with evils that must be stopped, before they claim another life, bringing sorrow and agony to those around them.


I wrote a book for this very moment, teaching everything I knew to whomever read it. It is in the armory.


There must be another.




By reading this, you will gain access to the Dark Knight's armory, which has the Dark Knight's armor, complete with bat-insignia and a cowled helmet with pointed ears akin to the vanilla Batman mask.

It's slightly stronger than iron armor.


In the armory, the book that the Dark Knight mentioned, gives you a particular set of skills.


Skills that will make you a nightmare for people-- Sorry. I had to quote that movie.


Anyways, it allows you to become the Dark Knight. The following is gained from reading this book, which acts as a tome and opens the message box... 


After spending hours reading this book, you have taken all of the teachings to heart.


You are now partially trained in the way of the Dark Knight. While the book lacks the teachings only a real teacher can give, it's just enough for you to revive the dead man's wish...


You are the night.


The Dark Knight (Active only at night, with the batsuit on) - Your health is increased by 30, your magicka is increased by 50, your stamina is increased by 50. Hand-to-hand is increased by 20, sneak increased by 50 (too OP?), lockpick increased by 20, archery increased by 20.




~~~~~END MESSAGES~~~~~


Just a thought - If anyone would like to suggest something, go for it!


I would love a story for this though. Maybe some adds like criminal activity in holds.




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This sounds like a great idea! I've been waiting for a batman armor mod for a while but this is much more than that.



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That armor is already made


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