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SkyUI just not working, even with LOOT and Mod organizer 2

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so I'd like to start off with the fact that SkyUI is being pushed to the bottom of the Load order, no matter what I do. I just installed TESV (I was informed it helps) and now the game crashes every time I try to enable skyUI.


Also, I have some questionable mods, so if this is a problem with skyUI, and can be solved without my mod list, that would be a plus, but I can show the list if necessary. 


I only have about 70 mods installed, and most of them (save for a few lover's lab unsavories) are normal, basic mods, such as clothing mods or weapon modification mods, with the heaviest one being the Death Consumes All Quest mod. the game was running fine with skyUI until I installed Simply Knock SE, which made SkyUI bug out for some reason. even after uninstalling Simply Knock SE, SkyUI still refused to work. whenever I opened my inventory, it would claim that several files are missing from the SkyUI folder, thus it could not run. I thought, okay, maybe the file download is wrong, and that has ultimately led me to unistall and re-install SkyUI at least 5 times. still doesnt work.


not really a problem, but my base equip load also dropped to 150 instead of 250, and unless this is normal, I assume it has something to do with this whole issue as well.


finally, I have tried LOOT, MO2 and NMM, and this problem still resides. If any of you have the kindness and knowledge to help me with this problem, I would more than welcome it, but please use simple terminology, I've only been playing skyrim SE for a day, and just got into modding late last week. thanks again.


also PS, its possible I'm just not using LOOT or MO2 properly, but I couldnt find anywhere that would tell me how to use it in a way that would help me

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Do you have SKSE properly installed and Skyrim loading through it?  Also, I have SkyUI at load order 12.  All other MCM mods are after it.

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