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I thought this would be pretty neat. Arena mod overhaul :)

arena crime prison quest

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I have seen only a few arena mods about lately and thought this would be a cool feature to integrate (Or create alltogether) into an arena based mod:




- Chance when thrown in jail to be transfered to arena cells, to fight for your freedom.


- To escape from the arena finding series of trap doors located about the arena to escape via tunnel or through the monster holding cells.


- To find certain tools when escaping the arena to actually dig your way out with time pass and positive and negative effects from being fatigued from digging etc etc.


- Another option to escape would be to disguise and set a series of traps to take out the guards or trick them into being locked in the "battle area" (forgive me as I don't know actual terminology lol).

Therefore leaving the entrance free for escape possibly.


- When having escaped, arena guards will have a bounty on you and chances when caught are to be thrown back in the arena holding cells again.


- Possibility of fully integrated quest and reward system.


- Voice acting?


- Other things also


- Other prisoners being held to fight also for freedom. In the end possibly having to fight one that you may call 'friend" sort of like sparticus haha (Or some other cliche movie /show) :P


Let me know what you peeps think - Just a few ideas, maybe someone with an already existing mod may or may not want to integrate these things, that or they already have them - If so please direct me to it!! :biggrin:



Kind regards.


A happy Orange :smile:

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