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Fallout New Vegas won't start

fonv new vegas vortex nvse help launch

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Vortex was launching New Vegas with no problems but suddenly stopped working. Every time I try to launch the game, I get a pop-up window stating that NVSE does not support the version of the game... please be patient for an update... blah, blah, blah... I did have a mod that prevented the game from launching from Vortex, it caused my computer to hang up on a blank screen while trying to launch. Had to re-start the computer and I removed the guilty mod right away. Vortex gave me a message that there was a rule conflict with the load order of the mod. Now I can launch the game from the Bethesda launcher, with the mods from Vortex still enabled and if I add another mod through Vortex, it shows up in the game being launched through the Bethesda launcher but I still can't launch from Vortex. Any ideas on why this happened? Or a fix to the problem? Help?



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When you say "suddenly stopped working", what changed?  Please run through the "Checklist" section of the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" article.  (Obviously something did change, so you really mean "unexpectedly".)


The message "can't launch from Vortex" means this is a Vortex configuration problem.  Ask about that on the Vortex Support forum as it has nothing directly to do with FNV and most of the people supporting FNV here don't use it. 


"NVSE does not support the version of the game" means you are probably using the "Forked" version at "GitHub".  Check the "Readme.md" file for changes in requirements.  The old version at "Silverlock" AFAIK does not attempt to automatically update itself.  (At least I've always had to update manually and have never seen that message.)



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