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Serana and lustmord vampire armor issue

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G'day everyone and happy new year,


I hope your all well,


Now I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, and I apologise if it isn't, but I'm at my wits end I can't get Serana to wear the curiass from lustmord vampire armour she'll wear everything else but the curiass, is there a way to correct this, as I have the Serana dialogue add on which is awesome by the way I love it, and the pictures show she'll wear it I just can't get her too I've ugraded it as good as I can and even put better enchantments on it, both armour rating and enchantmens are better than the ones on her standard armour, but she won't co operate any suggestions on how I can rectify this issue? Again I apologise if this is the wrong place for this type of post.



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Newbies is where people usually introduce themselves

to the community  ( but lot of people do ask game questions )


You should have better luck with responses in

the forums for Skyrim:






if it's Skyrim Special Edition, try this link:





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Her armor is "hardcoded" on her and prevents other armor to be equipped, there are also scripted events that revert her into the vanilla armor.


But there is a solution,



-Give all the Lustmord armor items to Serana, she should equip most.


-Close inventory and go into first person view.


- open the console with the tilde ~ key


-click on Serana (her id should show up just left above the console (02002b74)


-type:  showinventory (in the console and hit enter)


You now see a list of all the items she is carrying/wearing, the first number is the amount she has of a certain item.



Look for the Vampire Royal armor in the list




-in the console type: removeitem XXXXXXX  1


-hit enter


XXXXXXX being the number behind the entry for the vampire armor seen between brackets, also something starting with 0200XXXX




Close the console by hitting the tilde ~ key and she should now equip the Lustmord Cuirras. Since it's hard coded and there are some scripted scenes where she will always revert to her vanilla armor you might need to redo this a couple of times depending on how far you are into the Dawnguard quest line.


It's best to wait with giving her a new outfit untill at least after the Soul Cairn quest, after that there are no more scripted events that change her back into vanilla amor.

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