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[NifSkope] [Skyrim Special Edition] Vertices don't move when I change their coordinates


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I switch to "Select Vertex", select the vertex I want to edit, and then under the "Vertex" section of the highlighted "Vertex Data" I change the X, Y, and Z coordinates to something else. When I do this, though, the vertices don't move.



For reference, I changed the values to 0, 0, 0 and you can see that the same vertex has not moved, nor is there one at 0, 0, 0


I am hoping to manually copy over some vertex coordinates for guaranteed alignment (I did most of the dirty work in OS getting everything roughly into shape) and I would appreciate any help! Thanks.

EDIT: NVM I clicked out of the s*** (more specifically I wanted to check the UV map) and it just . . . worked. Thanks Todd Howard.

EDIT 2: The vertex is at 0, 0, 0 and it hasn't moved back. I am just going to edit all of these and hope for the best.

EDIT 3: So I guess what fixes it is clicking on the UV map and moving 1 node? I don't like it but I will certainly live with it.

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