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[modding error] Cannot start Flower Dance Y1


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Long story short, with the new updates I started a new save file- which means I have been combing through mod errors slowly as I had mods as old as 2017 and PAST outdated. I haven't played in a minute, so it has been some work. I have managed most of the hiccups I have faced but I am lost on this one.

Attending the flower dance, I talk to the villagers, etc., and then talk to Lewis. Lewis will ask "ready to start?" but from there the SMAPI error flies up (ERROR game) and I cannot choose yes OR no. I am stuck on the selection screen and cannot move forward. If I press yes or no again the same error occurs and I am once again asked "are you ready to start?" no matter what is pressed how many times. I have tried picking through the Mods I thought were causing a conflict but so far I am hitting a wall.

(I am aware of the other errors I am experiencing with JSON, PFM, and Seeds, as well as Boarding House, as I said I have been picking through things slowly as I go and correcting as I find as well as testing a couple of mods/mod compatibilities for some friends. If it is not related to the flower dance as of now then I will be working on it as I go. I know they're there, it is a work in progress.)


SMAPI log: https://smapi.io/log...38b8712d9900f72




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you don't have all the mods you need to get some going.. and you have multiple copies of others.. fix that first and see what happens.

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