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Game freezing on opening Pipboy or using VATS when NPCs wear custom Clothes/Armor

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Im having a bizarre issue where some pieces of modded clothing/armor cause the game to freeze ONLY when opening the pipboy/activating VATS while the clothing is on-screen, equiped by an npc. otherwise the game runs stable and smooth. tried to fix it but by any means cannot find the source of the problem; after isolating the offending (Because some custom clothing mods do work just fine)  using every game stabilizing mod avaiable (Jip, 4gb memory, anticrash, etc), all compatibility patches with other mods and proper load order, the issue still remains, would gladly take any advice/insight that you can bring to the table, custom clothing being a pillar of the moding comunity and experience of New Vegas Pc and missing on quality content just feels... well, sad.


Offending Mods:

Caesars New Regime: (Some legion Armors causes the freese, but not all, from my testing Vulpes Inculta Outfit and legion Veterans)

Spice of life - Variety armor: Mostly Armors cause the freeze, but other objects like overarmors and headgear cause it as well

(Important note: NCR Trooper overhaul works perfectly using the integrator esp, Proving the issue lies elswhere than just modded clothing)


PC specs:

Asus Republic of gamers laptop

Nvidia 960m

Core i7

12 gb ram

400 gb free on D: disc (D: disk instalation)

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