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problem with tribunal

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Hello, well i never played morrowind and just happened to get my hands on it(tryed earlier but well it was not for me, atleast in that time), so the problem is assassins do not attack me while i sleep, so i can't trigger main quest for tribunal which is sad(last time i played before it was working). So any solution to that?

P.S. data files for tribunal and bloodmoon are active, so its working i guess and my character is new, so from morrowind main quest and several thief guild quests there is nothing more in my journal



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Well, if i were you, to solve any messing around and whatnot trying to trigger the attack (you have to sleep in an owned bed i think, so try Caius Cosades bed), I'd use this console command:


Journal "TR_DBAttack" 10


To get the journal entry you have been attacked  :happy:


Good luck.




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Where exactly are you sleeping? You can't get attacked while you sleep in Census and Exise Office.


Also the attack is random. It has only 20% chance of attack when under level 5.




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Try sleeping in towns and inns, i think there is a bigger chance that you will be attacked. Like hollaajith said don't sleep in the office, try sleeping in the wilderness too.

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