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More commenting options for mod authors

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An extremely underused feature on the Nexus file pages is the “Discussions” tab, which allows authors and users (provided the author allows it) to create different threads for different parts of conversation to do with the file. When you have a large mod that gets hundreds of new messages a day it can often be difficult to keep up with what’s going on within your single comment topic. Bug reports, feedback, suggestions, troubleshooting and general chit-chat get all mixed up in a big soup of one large mega thread where anything and everything is spoken about and large amounts of cross-talking takes place. With discussions you can create separate threads for these issues and then, hopefully, people will use the thread most relevant to what they want to talk about on your file.

I hope the new reply mechanics are helping you to keep up with the amount of cross-talking going on, but discussions are also there for mod authors to make use of that help to segregate their chats into more concise areas. Unfortunately because using the single comment topic is so ingrained in what people do on the Nexus sites a very large proportion of people completely ignore the discussions area, or worse, don’t know about it.

I know lots of mod authors like having a single comment topic where everything is placed and nothing has changed for you folks. In fact if you don’t care about discussions you can stop reading now and get on with your merry business. But what we have done is provided some options when you make your file page for how you would like your comments to be setup. You can now choose to have a comment topic and no discussions area, a comment topic and a discussion area, just a discussions area and no comment topic, or no comments at all. How is this different you ask? Well before we didn’t let you have a discussion area without a comment topic as well; so you couldn’t force your users to use your discussion area and split your discussions up into more manageable chunks. The problem was then that everyone would just talk in the single comment topic and ignore the discussions. By turning off the single comment topic you can force people to use the discussions instead if you so wish.

You can still choose whether you want to let users make their own topics or you can choose to setup your own topics and not allow others to make one, so you can control the flow of what people talk about more easily. You can also lock, sticky and delete any of your threads, providing you with even more control. Why is this helpful? Well, you can setup your threads so you have a “Bug Reports”, “Troubleshooting” and “Feedback” section and then direct people to the correct thread for the topic being discussed.

If you want to remove your comment topic and make use of your discussion area on a mod you’ve already uploaded you’ll find a new setting in your file attributes page that lets you turn off your comment topic, essentially providing you with the same functionality.

While we were hoping we could give each mod its own private forum category on the Nexus forums after further investigation and research we worked out we couldn’t do this as past around 5,000 forum categories things kind of die, and with over 90,000 files hosted on the sites now it won’t be possible to achieve.

We’ll be taking a short break for easter now (happy easter) and then we’ll get back into the swing of things with a design update to the category and search result pages, NMM profiling and a move to our new database server cluster. Fingers crossed.



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Good ideas. I've enabled the discussions in the past but nobody has ever used them. I'm still for private threads (for say beta testers) but I forget that mod comments are also in the forums. Is it possible to separate mod comments from the forums or are they one in the same by design and therefore can't be pulled apart?



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ah ! good ! separate cheers , bug report , suggest and update/log threads etc... nice ^^

happy easter to all nexus staff !
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Finally! thx Dark:)




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Awesome! cheers :D



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PLease Duke Partrick, if you are reading this, please please allow discussions on your mod page. Finding the end of your thread on TESA is a chore.



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Hopefully authors of the larger overhauls take the new Discussion feature to heart. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the threads split up a little bit...keep the "Yay, awesome mod" from the "itz brokded and I can't fix it" comments.

The main thing for me is that database server cluster, can't wait to see how that opens up the Nexus. Fine work, all around. Have a Happy Easter, Dark0ne and staff.



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we’ll get back into the swing of things with a design update to the category and search result pages


Ooh I hope this means what I think it does, well have a nice easter break and don't eat too many chocolate eggs :wink:




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Cutting off the comments and forcing users to use discussions is a great idea. Having the single comments topic was the only thing keeping me from organising comments into discussions as I knew that while the main comments still existed, nobody would use discussions.

If I ever get back into modding(taking a break or leaving entirely to work on my own game), I'll certainly use this feature. :)



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Love it, already using this new feature for my hunting mod. Thanks Dark0ne!

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