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Minutemen quest line bugged out - Preston Garvey won't complete or give new quests

fallout 4

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EDIT: possible solution found, see below!


Hi all. Started a new game, running a handful of mods on survival mode. Relatively early on and I've run into a problem where I cannot turn in completed quests to Preston Garvey, and nor will he give me new ones.


So far I've done the basic sanctuary tasks and been sent to Tenpines and Abernathy Farm. I think the Abernathy Farm one was where it bugged out, looking back on it. I returned the locket fine and when I went back to Garvey he seemed completely uninterested. He just talks like a regular NPC. I can add him as a companion but he's stopped talking about taking any new settlements and doesn't seem to care about anything else I've done. I've set up at Starlight Drive in, Hangman's Alley and Greygardens. Checking the Greydarden quest it says that I've spoken to Preston Garvey to let him know but there was no dialogue where I told him about it. The weird thing is that looking at Returning the Favour quest, it reads as half-completed, but it shows in my pile of completed quests. It still says that I need to take the locket back - which I have done, I triggered the dialogue with Abernathy and everything - but isn't in my active quests any more. I don't know if this is a symptom or a cause of the issue.


I have tried setstage and completequest for Returning the Favour but that hasn't helped. I tried removefac 00075d56 on him but that hasn't changed his behaviour. It does however appear to have removed his Minutemen garb (???) so now I'm worried I've really broken my save. I've tried sending him to a different settlement, but no dice. The only other solution I've seen people mention is to just wait. One person said it took until they were level 70+ before he started talking like normal again and I really don't want to have to wait that long.


Of course, I can just take the settlements anyway and use console commands to begin the quest to take the castle but I don't really want to do that. I want to play through the game organically, and besides, I'm missing out on XP by not doing his side quests.


Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


=============POSSIBLY SOLVED============


I THINK I may have done it, thanks to a great hero who posted a video on youtube. Here are the steps I followed.


Open console and type: player.placeatme 00019fd9 1

This spawns a duplicate Garvey who is also dumb.

Open console again and click on Garvey 2.0. Then type markfordelete and hit enter.

Save and reload your game. Garvey 2.0 is gone but classic garvey remains and (hopefully) back to normal.


I did this and he immediately asked me to go to Finch Farm and sort them out so.... fingers crossed.... this is fixed.


He still doesn't have his hat which is weird but hopefully he won't get too cold.


Leaving this up in case it helps anyone else.

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