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[NexusMods.exe] Trojan Found!

virus trojan nexusmods.exe

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Hey everybody.


Take attention - there are still files which are corrupted with a trojan or more trojans.


I just get to one, sadly. Wasn't protective with my instinct, just have had ignored it.

I always check the data with my own "anti-virus", my brain and knowlege.

Downloading an uncommon file, in this case not a .zip .rar or any kind of *.ModManager-File, not looking at the size of the file, it was about 10kb-200kb~


Got caught to a "Bundestrojaner", which obsly should be sent by the Main Police Center of Germany.

So, there was just one way up that it was a fake:

First: My Static IP wasn't shown (which in this case should have been shown, it starts with 192.xxx.xxx.xxx (router broadcast with set-up IP on each port))

Second: It was srsly a bad coded trojan. Booting the OS via safe mode, opening up the taskmanager immediately - will show that there was a script which shows this blank-white page!


First of all - don't panic and don't be shocked.

- Remove your internet cable immediately.

- Reboot your pc/laptop and press the F8 key at the "Command Prompt", where a "Cursor" just blinks after the brand of your pc/laptop (example, Asus - loading loading, changing to a black screen with only a cursor at the upper left cornor - press here your F8 key)

- Choose "Safe Mode" start up, without other accessories.

- Login window - type in your password, wait but be fast - open your taskmanager and look for a suspicious process, mine was a "iff.somethingattheend" data - disable and shut it immediately down!


Now feel free to check your PC with any anti-virus program on your system.

Otherwise, what I can recommend: Malewarebytes - a really fast and good program. It has a free-trial, 25 days or so. It fullfills the option what anybody needs on this case.




Information for the Mods:

I just have the name and the download server-direction, where I downloaded it, but cannot say which one it was (Netherlands, Amsterdam; or other server).

Filename: NexusMods.exe

Download info: http x x x x x //fs6.nexusmods.com/Libs/Common/Managers/Downloads?Download&nid=110&fid=57529 (do not download this file and execute it! I mean it serious!)


Attached the trojan codes / behavior

http ://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss292/vegasvolt3ya9a/Illegal%20Program%20Report%20Pic/IMAG0537.jpg:original

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I found it as well. I was trying to download a mod from the New vegas nexus.  


It only gives me the option to download the .exe, obviously not going to download it but neither can i download the mods i want anymore.

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