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CBBE/Bodyslide presets only show if my Sole is naked

cbbe bodyslide male character troubleshooting

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EDIT: I FIGURED IT OUT FINALLY. I got the TShirt Slacks to behave at least. Hopefully that means others will follow suit... Pun intended. (I think my issue was related to a bad BAE extraction. Third time's the charm, I suppose. Gotta use the clothes files that match the gender of the Sole you're building... Although it feels like I'm on the right track finally, it still doesn't explain why SHB/BT3 wouldn't work with clothes. Wild. Oh well! They didn't have the body type I was trying to build anyway. Que sera.)


Can somebody walk me through what I might be doing wrong here? I've been trying to figure this out for literally weeks and I'm going insane. I'm at a complete and total loss what the problem could be.


Like the title says, my bodyslide customizations only show if my Male Sole is naked. The instant I put clothes on, it's poof! He's right back to the game default shape.


This is a completely inverse problem to what I've found tutorials/threads about all month: Usually, the exact opposite happens, and people can't get the body type to show up unless their character is clothed!


I'm doing a New File every single time I test. I haven't currently got a save file to work from.


I've tried with CBBE, I've tried with SHB, I've tried with BT3. I've tried with only CBBE/SHB/BT3, LM, and BS/OS installed. I've even tried different load orders, but that seems to just make F4SE mad. It's definitely not the mods because I've tried only those mods installed. And it's definitely not the files because I've tried only using the exact files that come with them.


(Keep in mind that a majority of my characters are male, but I have tried CBBE with Nora and it works fine??? Even the SLM sliders come up and behave and everything. Clothed, naked, it's fine??? I don't understand...)


I've reinstalled NMM, FO4, all mods in question, and F4SE enough times I'm surprised my ISP hasn't flagged me for filesize limits.


I batch build with my preset selected in the dropdown, with "apply morph" checked off. I've also tried building just one (1) outfit to test so many times I have the Operator Suit and Tie console ID memorized now, 'cause I was loading and then equipItem to rule out whether it was the Tee and Slacks that might be glitching. (Though I have even tried building just the Tee and Slacks, too...)


I've tried building from the base game file's male outfit version NIF, as well as converting a CBBE Vanilla female version to male, then building with that conversion. I also tried converting an SHB outfit to base game male, then building that conversion, but it crashed OS? I always double check to make sure the output directory is correct to where it should be projecting in Data.


  1. BT3 didn't work at all, even with the entire set of "these things are required" other mods installed.
  2. SHB only sorta worked, in that the body type displayed if the character's naked, but sliders didn't come up and I can't find a sliders.json for SHB so I have no idea what the variables are called in order to make one from scratch for it.
  3. CBBE only works if I make my character naked and I go into the sliders.json and change all the "gender: 1" to "gender: 0" values. (No idea if doing that with CBBE makes it so both genders can be altered at the same time.)


I've tried converting outfits via OS to the body type I have built for default. With SHB, I even tried downloading the SHB Vanilla Outfits library (I can't remember the exact name sorry) just to rule out that range of possible operator errors.


If anybody could help, it'd be incredibly appreciated.




As a postscript, I inadvertently did something early on in my learning curve that applied that body type to both genders, and it applied to both humans and ghouls. It didn't show the body type on clothed dudes, but it still showed the body type on ladies clothed or not? (I've since uninstalled and deleted everything and reinstalled from scratch... several times... So that initial iteration isn't even relevant to the current installment, just relevant to the problem potentially?)


The way I'm making this custom body type is to load the body mesh in OS, then load the reference sliders from a different body. Then I conform the sliders to the target body, set base shape, then save my project. I also export as resourced NIF. It works just fine, as long as I build it in BS exactly like that. But if I do that, I can't BS in SLM to customize it. Not that my BS is even working unless my character is naked... Ugh

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