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Toggle-able waterwalking and levitate

waterwalking levitate bleach anime toggle power

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Hello, i was wondering if anyone was interested in making a mod that allows you to toggle levitate and waterwalking off an on? Many people, including me, seem to use a lot of Bleach, Naruto, DBZ, and other anime mods...one thing i noticed is that all the flying spells are centered around constant motion, and that all the levitate spells ive seen require either constant casting and the loss of one hand, or a timed duration...i know this would sound overpowered, but in the animes ive seen (including bleach and dbz), there are abilities which allow people to stand in midair and use combat, which can be done with the levitate spell...the waterwalking part would be a personal request, since in bleach, the fullbringers can walk on water, and quincies and shinigami can stand in midair...my character is a combination of quincy, hollow, and fullbring...i tried doing this on my own with the tutorial and a levitate mod i had been using that i got from the nexus, but the effect didnt activate...it worked for the moment i cast then it just wore off...the mod i edited to do this was http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/29600 i will ask the author too, but i figured i might get a faster response posting here as a mod request...




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this is precisly what I was looking for yeah. I am roleplaying as a demon lord (Lord Loss if you get the reference) and I need him to float just like he does in the book series. 

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