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I can't mod for s***. So I'm hoping the modding community can bring what I hoped cyberpunk would be, to life.


I think we were all upset to see how bland the customizations were in this game. I was picturing going into a cyberware shop and coming out with full chrome skin, and what I got was a few limb presets that didn't even look all that great. So I guess what I'm wanting is more cyberware customization, even if it is just cosmetic. I'd like to have a full gold arm or a robotic peg leg type thing.


Next thing is, vehicles. I got my first car and was like "I'ma change the color to green, see what kind of wheels are available...." only to find out, there's no vehicle garages. I was thinking there was some kinda GTA V garage system where you could pull in and mod the absolute s*** out of your car. So something similar would be dope.


And then there's the apartments/houses. Tbh, I dont really mind the fact we only get one apartment, but we were promised actual property before the game's release. So I guess more options with houses and customizing your house. Maybe show cases for your accomplishments.


Anyway, that's enough of my bitching. If anyone steps up to my challenges, I'd be very appreciative.

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