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Adding Speed Boost to Vampire Lord (Floating)

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As the title describes, I am trying to apply a speed boost to the Vampire Lord, but only when floating!
I am looking at dlc1vampirechangescript, and the way I figured it would work is add a spell (ability) that is a constant effect modifier (Added the spell via console and verified that the spell itself is not the problem!)

So I figured adding the spell when it adds and equips spells when levitating would be the answer!

If akEventName == Levitate
		Debug.Trace("VAMPIRE: Handle LevitateStart")

;		Always equip a Vampire Drain in the right hand.
		PlayerActor.EquipSpell( LeveledDrainSpell, 1 )

And remove it when it goes to ground:

 		If akEventName == Ground
			Debug.Trace("VAMPIRE: Handle GroundStart")
;			Save off the spell currently equipped in the left hand.
			CurrentEquippedLeftSpell = PlayerActor.GetEquippedSpell(0)
			debug.trace("VAMPIRE: saving equipped left spell " + CurrentEquippedLeftSpell)
			if ( CurrentEquippedLeftSpell != None )
				PlayerActor.UnequipSpell( CurrentEquippedLeftSpell, 0 )

But its not adding the spell or removing it if I add it manually, and I am at a bit of a loss.
Anyone able to help me with this?

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