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Mod Request for Bad PCs [Grass Related]

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So, in Enderal my game runs perfectly fine and smooth if I turn the grass density really low. However, I noticed one thing visually bugging me about doing so. There's hand placed flora around to make it not feel as empty, yes, but the farms...

So the farms have fields of wheat that are placed via grass, and turning grass off or lower makes those fields just large gaps of dirt with maybe a sprinkling of wheat. It's really weird to go to the Farmers Coast and see nothing there. I tried various grass settings, but my game keeps crashing very early on when entering Riverville until I kill a lot of the grass.

No clue how difficult or easy something like this would be, but a mod that hand-placed wheat or something else less intensive on the farms around the world meant to be used without any grass load would be amazing.

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