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Newbie having Quest Dialogue Issues

newbie dialogue quest display failure missing

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So basically i'm not a great modder or anything. I say this because any explanations i give or get may be or need to be brought down several levels. In other words, things need to be simple. ;D
So anyway, I was making a quest for a new npc i have in the game. Making the npc, making the new location, making them stay there, those parts i had no problems with. Then i went and made the new quest. I followed bethesda's tutorial on making a simple quest, modifying things to be appropriate for my characters. I made elrinthir in the drunken huntsman have a new dialogue option "does anyone around here need any help?" and he would answer yes and direct the player out of the city and south to my custom npc. The dialogue was showing up until i entered some information on the quest objectives, and now no matter what i do it won't show back up. I tried removing the objectives i had added, and the dialogue is still missing. Could anyone help me out here, liek am i missing something stupid easy and i'm just blanking on it? I can provide pictures of the CK windows for any of the boxes needed to be seen for further help. I just want to get this dialogue fixed so i can play my own addon, its a simple go here kill that gain a follower quest, and i cant get the quest to start :confused:

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