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So disappointed.

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Now I am a huge fan of Dragon Age Origins so when I picked up DA2 I was expecting a satisfying sequel....I did not get that. First off the romance choices for a straight male are atrocious. I can get a weird elf or a slutty pirate who probably has every std known to man. The mages are horribly nerfed to the point where it becomes completely ridiculous to think of them as a threat therby making the whole fear of mages seem completely unjustified since warriors are much more useful in combat. They reuse the same maps way too much which just shows how little they cared about the quality of this game as its not too difficult to make the maps look different. Oh I did forget to mention the level system I quite liked however the good in this game is far outweighed by the bad. The plot was awful as well, it felt like a bad fanfic someone wrote after playing Origins. I wish I could like this game since I love the Dragon age universe which is why I have ordered every book about it but this game is just awful, it was so bad by the time I got to ACT 2 I was becoming nostalgic for Megaman Legends 2...or so I though until I switched to that game and realized I did not actually want to play it, I just did not want to play another moment of DA2. The thing that annoys me the most though is how rushed and bad the characters are. In Origins you could through some bits of dialogue learn a lot about everyone and they felt well written enough where you actually could believe they are real people living in that world. In DA2 the characters are poorly written and all seem to be just plot devices in one way or another that dont really react to what you say so much as they just seem to ignore it and say whatever they wanted to.  Origins was the embodiment of a well designed rpg other than it being quite aesthetically ugly, DA2 is the embodiment of forced badly thought out and executed even worse sequels that have almost nothing at all to do with what they are a sequel to. Basically like Yu Gi Oh GX. That is right Dragon Age 2 is the Yu Gi Oh GX of video games.



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I hear you.  If I ever wrote a list of things that I dislike about DAII, it would pretty much look like your post. I've fallen in love with Dragon Age: Origins and I still feel like replaying it and exploring it, enjoying it, making new and new characters. DAII was a massive disappointment for me. So huge actually that I deleted my first character right after I got to Kirkwall. First thing that got to me was the voiced protagonist whom I find absolutely unlovable - as a character, Hawke is incredibly shallow and flat, but it's not a blank slate (which I would personally prefer) either, and the voice ruins the game completely for me (the same voice, again and again, no matter how many characters you make, the tone destroying any kind of roleplay). Not to even mention the unfathomable paraphrases in the dialogue wheel, making the answer and its delivery pretty much unpredictable, which often makes me end up reloading the game and trying again. That got me so frustrated I thought I would never finish the game. The story is pretty non-existent. What I remember from my game is a series of random fetch and go-and-kill quests, with rare exceptions. I expect that from a poorly made MMO, not a game by BioWare. The waves of enemies are absolutely atrocious and make the game extremely tedious to play on harder difficulties. Pretty much no thinking has to be involved in the combat, I just assassinate-twin-fang elite enemies in seconds. I remember sneaking past enemies, laying traps around in Origins or using spell combinations resulting in various useful effects, such as Cone of Cold and Stonefist, Force Field and Crushing Prison, etc. Whatever happened to that? Don't even get me started on the elves or reused areas and being stuck in a few places in Kirkwall. But I basically keep ranting on the same things you were.

To be perfectly honest, the characters, even though nowhere near as great as in Origins, are my smallest problem with the game. I don't envy the romance choices for a straight male though. Merrill is somewhat cute and sweet but she feels more like a little sister, and Isabela... well, I wouldn't touch Isabela with a two metre long stick and her personality is thoroughly unappealing to me... Although I, being more into playing lady or gay characters, don't have have so much trouble. Being a lover of D. Gaider's characters and grumpy characters in general, it was very easy for me to like Fenris (not that he's not an annoyingly whiny lady dog in the banters sometimes) and his series of personal quests. I think that's the reason I kept playing in the end, as stupid as that is. That's one of the few things that kept me going - surprisingly, since I've never played games for romance. But even then, there's so few dialogues in comparison with Origins that it's upsetting and Hawke's flirt lines just make me cringe most of the time. Speaking of which... the friendship/rivalry system. As cool an idea as it is, it's executed poorly - it basically doesn't matter if you treat your companions as a piece of dirt or just have differing opinions. The result is the same for the rivalry path...

It's not that there's nothing to enjoy to the game, but it still makes me so angry and frustrated. Even more so because I know that's the way BioWare is going now. The goddamn voiced protagonist, the dialogue wheel with atrocious paraphrases, the more "personal story" (translation: "uneventful story") as they call it, the only playable race being bloody humans... I'd like less flashy and more RPGish, please.


That's, of course, just my personal opinion and my personal frustrations.


(takes a deep breath) Okay. I think I'm done. Ah, I feel better now...




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Personally, I enjoyed DAII a lot. I probably enjoyed playing it even more than Origins, though I believe Origins was the superior of the two. The action and the graphic advantage won me over for DA2, despite waves of mindless enemies and gradually outdating graphics. DAO had smart enemies and the right amount of enemies, but the difficulty and the SLOW, slow gameplay nearly bored me to death.


I agree with the re-used levels and the shallow NPCs - they were definitely rushed.




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I always have a hard time accepting new designs when you have become attached to someting good. It was also the case with Dragon Age II.

What annoyed me the most was the discount graphics.
They obviously made the choice to use their efforts on the RPG dialogues, the battle sequences and the face design. It was supposed to look more modern and action paced.

The scenery was generally boring and stereotyp, so to speak. The dungeons and house interior were copies of each other. The figtihng scenes are a disaster as the interaction of the player is set to a minimum. The player has very little influence of the fights as they are too fast and the companions do all the work for you. Before you even blink the fight is already over.

I also got tired of the way they tried to extend the time you play the game. The unendless small quests that didn't give any meaning at all. It was just quests. Nothing else. In the end I became bored and restless, thinking when the meaning of the story showed up? There was no purpose in all these quests.

Regarding the romance in the game, I think it was ok. Not good, but fair. The stories were not build up properly. It felt cheap to romance a character in the game because you didn't have any fundament to do so. It was merely just something you did because it was possible.
Merril was properly the best character to romance, as she had a bit of a story behind her. She was also the character you were able to feel empathy with. She had, to some point, a personality. But it was not deep enough. In general all the characters seemed fluffy and unfinished comparing to Origins, where you had a lot of characters with a large described background. Try to compare Morrigan, Leliana and Alistair with Merril, Anders and Isabella? The last mentioned are pretty tame.

No, Dragon Age II was a fast production, used to test new features and technology. I am very exited if DA3 will compensate for this paranthesis?

Who remembers the movie 'Out of Africa' based on Karen Blixen's novel?
In the beginning of the movie, you fly over Africa's nature wonders, and Merryl Streep says: "Dennis always loved a story told well."
I am sorry, but this was missed in Dragon Age II.

You have to build a solid story like a movie. An interactive movie in this case. The scene graphics must be made well, with the right details and atmosphere, and most of all exiting. The characters must be well build.

All in all I see Dragon Age as a fast experiment ment to fund the next game. That is the impression I am left with.



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Errrmmm, Thread Necromancy?


This topic is over 18 months old, and I think we're all aware of the shortcomings/corner-cutting exhibited in DA2.  :armscrossed:




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My thoughts are not 18 months old. I just liked the topic.

Bear with me, Thandal ;)




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I didn't like any of these games (with these stupid circles around their feet)


and mostly these stupid tactics !!!  Same goes for: Drakensang !!!


Until: Dragon Age Inquisition came out. No tactics needed and real-time fighting.

It was and still is, my first game of Dragon Age, I love so much.


But now after a while, and complaining a lot in forums about Dragon Age 1 & 2

I've LEARNED to play these games. I didn't know, it was such a LEARNING progress.


That's maybe also, why many people don't like these games, at first view or try.

Like me before :tongue:  Yes, my friends, the first impression is the MOST important one.

And ones people skip a game, it's almost for forever.


Glad I didn't skip it and tried again.

Now I love also very much: Dragon Age 1 & 2


Yes even, Dragon Age 2.

Even it's always on same locations. Playing as a mage, .....

with this superb action music and stuff, I'm ADDICTED NOW.


But none can win against my TOP 3:


1) Gothic 2 Night of the Raven

2) Gothic 3 (enhanced edition)

3) Gothic 1


Greetings and good weekend

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