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Can you offer some guidance or tips on how to disable camera shake?

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To give you a basic idea of my level of knowledge, I'm not a programmer but have done various kinds of script editing and some basic modding on Cheat Engine through the years. Based on this, I'm asking for any help, guidance, or tips on how to go about disabling camera shake during various events in a game.


And to use a specific case study, Rage 2 is a good example of this gap or need and it's also of interest to me. I'd like to play it nowadays but it feels impossible with its camera shaking effects, which the developers unfortunately chose to apply to emulate gun recoil, without an option to disable it during shooting. In other words, the camera doesn't just shake during occasional explosions; it is constantly shaking while shooting any automatic gun! I'm guessing that a lot of gamers have gotten used to this, or else game developers would've stopped doing that a long time ago. However, Warframe is a prime example of a fairly popular shooter that does exactly that, shakes the camera to emulate gun recoil instead of move just the reticule to emulate recoil.


So, is it possible to disable camera shaking while shooting automatic guns in Rage 2, for example, with some semi-basic editing of a script or by replacing few bits of code with code that does nothing in Cheat Engine?


And if so, then how do I go about this?


Thanks for any tips or help with this.

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