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Time for ideas on TES VI

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Please Link this Thread onto the Bethesda Forum



PC vs Xbox vs Playstation
Please make an Actual Game for those Platforms instead of Porting the Xbox to the PC and PlayStation

There are Allot of ENB Mods that flesh out the Beauty of Skyrim, so please do a Better Graphic System for TESVI

Shadows and Bloom and Blur Effect
For goodness sakes Bethesda, you had Sliders for these things and Optional Buttons in Oblivion, please put it back in TESVI

The Self Character Shadows and Reflecting Shadows are just plain Horrible.

Also, give Optional Settings for Bloom and Eye Adaption.


The Menu System
Please make a Menu System for the PC, dont port it from the Xbox with Xbox Controller Functions. SkyUI has a Brilliant Menu System, now i dont like all the fancy Icons (hence SkyUI-Away) but there should atleast be a Slider for the Long Inventory System of things we collect.

I find it Stupid when you are a Certain Character with Certain Abilities, you are able to do Everything and become Leader in Every Faction.


Ive seen many times in RPG Games where People Choose the Class and Character He/She wants to become, but they arent happy with the fact that they are Forced to become a Wizard or a Thief or a Fighter so the Game can advance, even though they Specifically build a Warrior Class Character so He/She can play the Game as a Barbarian.

(The Thief Class could be part of the Dark Brotherhood, since its a Stealthy Business with an Assassin way of life)

Many years ago in the 80's there were these Games called http://en.wikipedia....Quest_for_Glory where you could set up your Character Class in being a Thief - Wizard - Fighter then you play the Game where you come to a Room with a Puzzle that needs your type of Abilities, for Example: you cant become a Wizard because of your Class Character, but you can enter the Wizard Guild and get some Spell Item to help solve part of a Puzzle, or get a Wizard Companion to help you along the way.


What your Class can do
Choose Your Class, then Setup your Character by making Him/Her as an "Optional Extra Choice" to be a Wizard - Thief - Fighter

After you have Chosen your (Example) Thief Class and Setup your Character, but you still want your Thief Character to be a Wizard and/or be a Fighter, then tick the Optional Setting at the Magic and/or Fighting Columns, then you can also Join those Factions within the Game and have More Quests while being Optional in becoming Leader or Not.

If you're a Warrior Class but you cant enter the Thieves Guild and Magic Guild, then Hire a Companion that has those Traits. Now you can simply tell the Thief Companion to Picklock the Chest or Door and tell your Wizard Companion to put a Protection Spell on you or He/She should Cast a Fire Ball Spell to blow open that Gate.

Quest Areas like Dungeons should be completely Cut Off from your Type of Class Character, for example: The Collage of Winterhold takes you to places like (Saarthal - Fellglow Keep - Mzulft - Labyrinthian) where your Fighter and Thief Class shouldent be able to enter at all, because your Not a Wizard Class. Not even your Companion should be able to open those Doors for you.


Another Example is where Karliah tells you to meet Enthir from the Wizard Collage, yet you dont even have to Join the Collage to meet him, because he is sitting at the Inn.


The Companions and the Collage of Winterhold are the Only Two Guilds with their Own Story that doesent involve joining another Guild witch is Perfect, yet the Main Quest Force you to Join the Thieves Guild so you can get Esbern and the Dark Brotherhood Force you to Join the Thieves Guild so you can do Business there. TWICE.


Beginning the Game as a Prisoner from your Race point of view
I was thinking when you are done choosing your Character/Class/Race and you begin the Game as a Prisoner, the Game should put your Chosen Race Character within the Race type of City so the Game can start with a Short Story from that Beginning Area.

This should also help give the Game a Fresh New Start with a different point of view, so you dont have to start a New Game at the same place with each Race.

Here are some Example Starting Points i have so far


Altmer City: starting as a Altmer Prisoner - Your a Altmer Prisoner

Argonian City: starting as a Argonian Prisoner - Your an Argonian Prisoner

Bosmer City: starting as a Bosmer Prisoner - Your a Bosmer Prisoner

Breton City: starting as a Breton Prisoner - Your a Breton Prisoner

Dunmer City: starting as a Dunmer Prisoner - Your a Dunmer Prisoner

Imperial Outpost: starting as an Imperial Prisoner - Your an Imperial Prisoner being lead into a Gladiator Arena where you must Fight 3 Battles after another to ensure your Freedom, later in the Game you can use the Arena to be the next Gladiator Champion

Khajiit City: starting as a Khajiit Prisoner - Your a Khajiit Prisoner

Nord City: starting as a Nord Prisoner - Your a Nord Prisoner along the road being led by Soldiers to the Nord City, thus an Ambush occurs where the Soldiers Die and you escape where everyone assume you are Dead

Orc Stronghold: starting as a Orc Prisoner - Your an Orc Prisoner

Redguard Base Camp: starting as a Redguard Prisoner - Your a Redguard Alikr Prisoner being led to the Leader, because you were Sloppy and were caught from a Previous Mission, so now you are Banished from the City where at some point very early in the Game something Heroic happens where you can return to the City as a Free Man/Woman.


Whats a Perk Point

Automatic Perk Uploading


Leveling Up and getting Perk Points are Boring and Frustrating in Skyrim, hence you've Finished the Game where your Skills are 100% with Barely enough Perk Points to fill a tree.


Solution, Automatic Perks filling the Tree you Trained upon.


Hence all you do at Level Up, is Choose (Magicka Health Stamina) without a perk point.


Avoiding the Main Quest
In Oblivion, you were visited in Prison by the Emperor that gave you an Amulet where you were told to give it to a Priest, yet for New Players, they never realized they were Starting the MQ

Now in Skyrim, it was handled Better, even though you were told to see the Jarl, it dident felt like a Life and Death Mission.

The only downside was, that the Steward was in the Same Standing Zone Point that Triggered the MQ. Also the fact that we couldn't give Proventus his Sword in fear that the MQ would trigger and the fact that we couldent Buy a House to store the Heavy Load we carry.

Dont let the MQ loom over us throughout the Game like when we went to Bleak Falls Barrow and carried a Stone Slab halfway through the Game because we couldent even give it to Farengar.

The things we do to get around
If you Introduce Fun things for the Player to do like Joining the Bards Collage where Hundreds of Instruments are lying around Skyrim, let us Actually play the Flute or Lute or Drum where we can entertain the People at the Inn and get Paid for it, i mean whats the point in Joining a place just to be send of like a Golden Retriever Dog to Fetch a Quest.

When we Join a Guild like the Companions, we expected to go hand in hand with eachother like sparring or Training, yet we just get either kicked out or accidentally kill the guy, so please let us walk up to our Member from the Fighters Guild in TESVI and Train in a Fist Fight or Sword Fight, even the "Fighter's Stronghold" DLC from Oblivion had this.

Please let us have some Respect for the Kings and Queens or Jarls in TESVI because what right do i have to sit on the Throne of the Jarls in Skyrim where the Guards dont even arrest me. Just because im a Big Time Hero or a Thane or Dragonborn, does Not give me the right to sit on their Thrones. In Oblivion the Guards beated the crap out of me when i went willy nilly sitting on the Throne.

In Oblivion, i was known to be the Hero of Kvatch and the Hero that Closed the Oblivion Gates, i even got a Special Armor from the Imperial City in Oblivion. Now in Skyrim, Nobody seems to care who i am or what i did. I mean, i Saved the World from Alduin and helped fight against the Chosen War Party, yet NOBODY seems to care what i did. The Only People that does know of my Existence and what i did or who i am, are the Guards who are even Better News Reporters then the Naked Couriers. Please let the People and the Kings/Queens know in TESVI who i am and what i did, because there was No Reward for me in Skyrim, just a pat on the back and a Stupid Weapon.


Please Hide Quest Items so the Quest Giver can tell you to go get it, im Sick of carrying Quest Items around when i havent even met the Quest Giver yet.


Please make it for when we come to the first town and meet the Inn-Keeper, he doesent lay All the Quest Rumors on me. I would prefer a way that certain type of Rumors and Quests should happen in that Town/City Region. You know, Quests for Those Locations Only would make for a much greater experience instead of cramming it down your throat at the Start of the Game within the first town you arrive. Here are Examples:


Windhelm Inn-Keeper Rumor: Aventus Aretino trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood


Winterhold Inn-Keeper Rumor: The Statue of Azura


Riften Inn-Keeper Rumor: The Dawnguard


Pointless No Sense Rumor is the Face Sculptor from Inn-Keepers, how do they even know this in witch there should be a Plastic Surgeon or Barber in every City so we arent Forced to become a Member of some Guild.


We dont want you here
In Oblivion, you were Insulted by Guards because of your Race, yet in Skyrim when you are a Khajiit or an Argonian or a Elf while entering Windhelm, Nobody seemed to care, not even Ulfric who Hates all Elf and Cat and Reptile Races are such a Gentlemen to you, yet he's a Race-ist.

There were even Two Citizens upon entering Windhelm that Threaten a Dark Elf, yet Ulfric dident seemed to mind that a None Human could Freely walk around his Palace. The Only Hint of a Pay the Toll was the Guard at Riften because he was Corrupted, so please let Citizens and Guards in TESVI Insult the Player until He or She did a Quest of Good Deed so the People can start to Respect the Player.

Just like being part of a Guild, earn their Trust and they will call you Friend.

Roleplaying a Faction and Becoming Leader or Not
The Thirsk Mead Hall, (if you choose to help the People) they get their Hall back, but you Dont become Leader witch is Perfect, yet they should've still let you do Jobs for them like the Companions does.

Dont force players to become Leader in every Faction or Guild, let me give it to the next guy and still get paid for Radiant Quests.

Please let there be more Radiant Quests inbetween a Guild before advancing to the next Mission, because the Weakest Faction was the Collage of Winterhold. You get introduced, then you go to Saarthal witch Immediately starts the MQ of the Faction. You are so busy with helping and Defending the Collage, that you became Archmage while wondering what happened in the middle of it all, since you clearly Dont deserve to be Archmage and should've handed the Mantle to Tolfdiir.

The same Weakness with the Companions, you get introduced and then you start a Quest with Farkas witch leads in you being Forced to become a Werewolf so the Game can advance. Now you are slaughtering Silver Hands and getting Fragments of Wuuthrads where in the end, you become Leader. You dident really do much to Earn the Respect of the Companions. I mean not many People liked being a Vampire Lord, yet there was an Optional Choice by Serana to enter the Soul Cairn through another way.

Missions and Radiant Quests should be Inbetween and Not a side thing after you become Leader or Not, you must go through Radiant Quests so you can earn the Respect of the Guild and then advance to the Next Mission until you become Leader or tell your friend he should be Leader instead. Now you can take on more Radiant Quests if you want.

The Thieves Guild is a Perfect Example of where you perform Radiant Quests and Upgrading the Guild while doing Special Jobs for certain people. The Worst and most Boring part were the little Jobs you got from Vex and Delvin, i mean do i really need to go through a 125 Repetitive Jobs just to end with a Tiny Safe where the Big Room with the Golden Doors still stands Empty.


Kids and Families
If your gonna put Kids in TESVI, please make more Kids instead of Clones and get more Actors for Kid Voices, plus add more Race Children if our New Character will be able to Adopt again. Heres a Mod that gives the Children Diffrent Faces


Please put Race Children for each Settlement Races aswell, so we can see they have a Mommy and a Daddy.

Please make it after we Adopt a Kid from the Street and there are others, they should go to the Orphanage. I mean, i have Two Kids in Skyrim while this Poor Child is Freezing in Windhelm.


Are you really Cruel to Children Bethesda to even make them run around Naked, now a Mod has to give this Poor Child Warm Clothes that runs around in a Dress from the Skaal Village.

Please put the Children in Schools, even the Adoption Home should have a School aswell, plus my Children should attend School too.

Grow up Kid

Please see if you guys can do something so that after each Month in Game Time, Children Grow Up a little until they are Fully Grown and can start working at the Market or be Hunters or something. Heres a Mod that gives an Example of what im talking about.



Pregnant and having a Baby

Im wondering if its possible to Script a Pregnancy and a Baby Model into Skyrim, now im not talking about Sex Animation or any interaction for that to happen. The Baby should just be there, even if you havent been Home for Months.

When you are a Male Character and you have a Wife, see if you guys can make a Script for every 3 Weeks that her Tummy should swell up until its Big, then she should all of a sudden be holding a Baby or the Baby lies in a Cot.

The Baby itself should just be a Static Animation Model, so you cant do any interactions with it where the Child just makes Baby Sounds and lies in your Bedroom or when you ask the Steward for a Child Bedroom, the Baby can be there.


Now if you play a Female Character, then you cant run around in Dungeons with a Bloated Tummy until the Baby pops out in the middle of a battle, hence you should Adopt a Grown Child instead.


Voices and Character Design
I see in Skyrim you guys make Old Face Men and Woman, but their Bodies are Sexy Young, please do a better Character design for Young People and Old People.

Please get More Voice Actors.

There are Allot of Mods that Change the Appearance of People in Skyrim, so please do More Character Designs where someone can look Fat or Pregnant.

Rebuilding Cities and Villages while giving People places to stay like a Samaritan
Please Stop Copying Kvatch where we get a broke down Helgen and the Embarrassment that is the "Village" of Winterhold.

If we can Build a House in Hearthfire, we should help Rebuild a Burned down Farm, then we find Homeless People and Children where we tell them to move in that place.

There are Two Farmers in Skyrim that complains about a Dragon that Destroyed their Farm, yet we should be able to tell such People theres an Empty House they can move in to.

Theres Allot of Quest Related People in Skyrim that Dies, but the House they live in becomes Empty where no New People moves in. Yet for some reason, the Thieves Guild keeps directing me to Rob Empty Houses.

The Halfmoon Mill stands Empty after a Dark Brotherhood Quest, a Perfect place to tell People wandering the Street like Beggars to give them a Home, they always Beg for Money, yet they are so Rich by now in witch they are too Stupid to take that Money and Invest.

In Solstheim, theres a Quest http://uesp.net/wiki...nborn:Unearthed where you pay Ralis Sedarys so he can Hire People to dig out a Barrow in Real Game Time, this is Perfect for Winterhold and Helgen to be Rebuild.

Here is a Mod that is Rebuilding Helgen In Real Time.



We should also give Beggars Food and Clothes, instead of Coins where No Inn or Market will have Filthy Skooma Drinking Beggars get close to their Customers.



Properties and Homes
Lets be Honest here, the Hearthfire Properties Sucked since they were Clones of the Same Building.

Its also Stupid to Not have a House in the First City like Whiterun that Force us to Start the MQ just so we can become Thane and then Purchase a House on Level 5 of my Character while Dodging Dragons flying over my head.

Its also Stupid to Solve a Murder Case in Windhelm and become Thane, then you are Forced to do the Civil War just so you can Purchase a House at the end.

When we Solved the Murder Case in Morthal about the Burned House, we could've asked the Jarl to Rebuild that House instead of getting a Property somewhere in the Swamp, now Morthal looks even more Emptier.

In Oblivion, you walked up to a Building called "Office of Imperial Commerce" where you asked the Person to Purchase a House and it was Done, No Thane or Special Requirements needed, so please let us Buy a House so we can Dump the Heavy Load we are Carrying from the First City we Enter.

Ok so what exactly is this place for http://www.uesp.net/..._Treasury_House when Everyone is Dead during the Foresworn Questline where Only (or not) Rhiada and/or Thonar Survives in the end.

Basically that place is so Useless, that it becomes an Empty Building or the Two Surviving Characters have Nothing further to gain in the Game.

Please let there be a Bank in TESVI to put your Money in so you can Invest your Money to give Poor People a Home.

We should also be able to put up our own little Market and Sell our Goods to the People like this Mod


Immersion and Animations
01. Please let us fight with a Dagger Underwater like in Oblivion.

02. Please let Dead People start to Rot and have Flies buzz around them, because 3 days later in the Game, i still find the Same Guy Fresher Dead then ever.

03. Please allow for Scenic Carriages in TESVI, instead of Fast Travel like this Mod.

04. Please let there be a Notice when we Cross the Border of a Hold or atleast let there be a Flag that shows the Hold we are about to cross.



05. Please add Borders with Guards at the edge of the Land in TESVI instead of putting around Invisible Gateless Paths



06. There seems to be Allot of Horns in Skyrim, please let our Character use them and blow them aswell in TESVI like playing with an Actual Drum Lute Flute.

07. In the Game Jam, we saw footage of Dungeons with Ramps that lead to the next area or when you douse a fire, someone else lights it up, please add that kind of Immersion in TESVI

08. It was cool to see in the Game Jam Video how the Seasons changed, so please add this in TESVI

09. There were also Footprints in Snow from the Game Jam, please add Footprints in TESVI like this Mod.

10. Now if your going to Fireball someone, make the Person actually look Charred like this Mod

11. Just like Blacksmithing and Talking to someone gives a Live Animation, please make a Live Animation for Sleeping, Eating, Drinking and Reading.

12. Please let us use Traps aswell

13. Please make it so Rain and Snow doesent clip through open buildings like this Mod

14. Please make Fire affected by Water, no matter if its Raining or i Cast a Freeze Spell on it.

15. Please make it so we dont walk through Bodies like this Mod

16. You know when you come to a Camp but the Fire isent burning, make it so we can light the Fire when we press the Use Button please. I mean, we have a Dragon Fire Shout and Flame Spells, yet we cant light a Campfire.

17. Skyrim is in the North with Harsh Cold Weathers and yet Couriers or Children or the Player could walk around Naked without Freezing, so please bring Immersion to TESVI where the Player gets Effected by the Weather.

18. Isent Skooma suppose to be a Drug, yet its just a drink like Wine. Please make Skooma in TESVI a Drug again.

19. Please dont put a message on the screen for when we want to Poison our Bow or Sword, because im pretty sure i want to do that. Its very immersion breaking.

20. The Imperial City in Oblivion had an Office for the Couriers, http://www.uesp.net/...k_Horse_Courier so please bring back such a place for TESVI, because who in Skyrim tells them to deliver the Messages to me, wheres the Office or Papers or Wanted Posters to Trigger Quests. Luckily we have a Mod that should've been In the Game.

21. Please make Beast Races with Actual Beast Feet.

22. Let us Hunt for Actual Food from Animals and Creatures and please dont let Animals and Creatures swallow Gems witch is completely Unrealistic

23. In Skyrim, the only Boring Repetitive Dismembered Action was Be-Heading, so please do more Dismembering on Enemies like the Animation where we cut the guy's Leg, yet it doesent come off or we see an Animation where we cut their Shoulders, yet their Arms doesent fall off, please add More Dismembering then just Off with their Heads.

24. Please make Blocking with a Shield or Sword, drain your Stamina, NOT your Health.

25. Please let Rain make Puddles and Snow cover the Roofs of Homes.

26. Please let the Lockpick System from Skyrim return to TESVI

27. Please let People in TESVI tell us we Stink so we can go get a Bath like this Mod.

28. Please let our Character have Animations aswell

29. Please let Disguises Fool other Factions

30. Please dont put Auto Health Regeneration in TESVI for the Player. There shouldent even be Health Regenerating Potions and Jewelry, because whats the point in Potions and Food.


31. Why Spellmaking in Skyrim was removed is a Mystery, please let it return in TES6 - Hence a Brilliant Mod made it a comeback.




The Gods must be Crazy
Please Dont force People into a corner when Deadric Lords tells you to Murder the Innocent so you can be the Champion, bring in Optional Choices like Mehrune Dagon where you told the Deadric Lord No and let the Innocent Man live.


Here are Mods where People made Choices that should've been in the Game, so please make Choices in TESVI


Heres another Mod where we tell Nocturnal that we dont want to be part of the Nightingales nomore, since People dont like to litterly sell their Soul to a Deadra.



Weapons and Armors and Spells
Please let us Throw Spears

Please make the Crossbow Return, its stupid to join the Dawnguard just to find out what a Crossbow is, i mean what in the History of Tanriel did Vampire Hunters use.

Please let us Fix our broken Weapons and Armors again like we did in Oblivion.

Please add a Whip for TESVI since you got the Tentacle Animation from the Netch that could easily be turned into a One Handed Weapon like the Sword of Miraak when you do a hard swing.

Please let Glass Weapons and Armor give meaning to its name "Glass".

Please let the Shield be put on you back or the Staff and have a Sword on either side of the player.

Enemies and Creatures
Please add Snakes in TESVI you have the Tentacle Animations for it.

When a Creature or Enemies Attack a Village, please let the Citizens run away and let Me or the Guards deal with it, because what am i for when everyone does it for me.




Please make the Spiders run on walls or above the ceiling. Give it a challenge, instead of them floating down to the ground. Make them spew spiderwebs aswell that sticks to the Character, instead of Poison Goo.

Vampires should run Faster and do a Prince of Persia on the wall.

When an Enemy yells i yield, let the guy run away instead of him running into my blade, because i allowed a Banded to yield 3 times, then everytime he would stand up and attack me again.


Please add different varieties of Skeletons in TESVI

Seeing Screens of Creatures in Oblivion, just made me realize how Scary and Menacing they were, but in Skyrim, some of the Creatures were just Laughable. I mean, there were Actual Ghosts in Oblivion, yet in Skyrim, we get Ghosts that just looks Etherial or they drank a Phantom Potion. The Trolls in Oblivion gave you a smack down, but the Trolls in Skyrim just jumps up and down like a Monkey, because someone stole his Banana. The Zombies in Oblivion were Creepy and way better, yet the Draugr in Skyrim looks like a Downgrade of a poor excuse of a Zombie.

Here are Picture Examples of just how better looking some of the Creatures looked in Oblivion, compared to some of the Creatures in Skyrim.




Combat and Stealth
Please put a Combat System like Dishonored into TESVI so we can do a Kill Move from jumping off a Ledge and plunge the Dagger into the Victim

Dishonored Stealth and Sneak System for TESVI


Stealth is based on limiting the player-character's visibility; hiding behind objects and buildings, avoiding the enemies' cone of vision, and avoiding lighted areas aid in reducing detection. When hiding behind an object, the player can lean around the sides to see the immediate area and eavesdrop, and as long as Corvo remains hidden his enemies will not see him. The player can also look through keyholes to gain insight into closed rooms.

Guards have several states of alertness, ranging from normal to suspicious; they can become aware of the player's presence or can actively search for him or her. Enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI) will respond to sound and can be distracted using sound to lure guards away from their positions. If the player remains concealed from guards, their alertness will drop to "aware", but it will not return to normal in that mission. Enemies communicate their states of alertness to their allies, increasing the alertness level throughout the mission


Horses all day long, do you know how Dull Horses are
When we get a Horse, please allow us to Sell the Beast, because im sitting with 6 Horses, plus Horses i find in the Wild and yet i dont even have a Ranch to keep them all, so please let us give one to my Companion or we Sell it to the Stable Master.

Please also when we get a Companion or we have to Rescue someone, let Him/Her get on the Horse with me.

Also when we Rescue someone, just let me give my Horse to the Person and i can get on my Companion's Horse, then my Horse i let the Rescuer Borrowed, can sit at a Stable until i find it.

Please make Horses Smarter, when there is Danger, they should run away and come back to me after i Killed the Banded or the Monster.

If i abandon my Horse on the Road or in the Wild, it should trot off after 60 Seconds to the Nearest Town or City and wait for me there at the Stable. Or even better, just Whistle for your Horse and have your Companion Whistle for their Horse too.


When we press a button for the Horse to lift its front legs, please make us press the Attack Button so the Horse can Kick the Enemies aswell.

If we can use a Sword and a Bow on a Horse, allow us to use Destruction Spells aswell.

I work my fingers to the Bone on Bugs for Bethesda, wheres the Fun when i Buy the TES Game
Please Bethesda, Fix your Game Before you Finalize and Release it. Dont rely on Specific Release Dates that sounds cool.

Even though Skyrim was a Success, Members spend Half their time in Fixing Bugs with Unofficial Patches and Mods.

We Buy your Game to have Fun and Not to be your Beta Play Testers.

Also, make a Creation Kit thats Clean and Bugless.

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And I think, in TES VI should be more boss monsters (e. g. big trols), and more dragons (e. g. dragon - mother and small dragon, what hatchs from dragon egg). Sorry for my English, but I can't speak very well.



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I think in Skyrim, Dragons became Extincted.


You are meant to Kill Paarthurnax and get kicked out of High Hrothgar.


You become the Next Miraak/Dragonborn for Hermeas Mora, so your Fate lies in his Hands.


In all, i dont think we will see any Dragons in TESVI since you are the Last Dragonborn where we will read in a Book, that you Killed all the Dragons and the Nords gave you a Heroes Burial Ground.

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But I'm really interested about new monsters in TES VI.



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Me too, i want that Ogrim from ESO :biggrin:


Please give more Insight as to how you want TESVI to be and feel :smile:

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Personally the main thing for me is that they go back to their roots and design a PC game for the PC, rather than trying to reach every market and ending up with a game that at least from a UI perspective is very much a console game ported to the PC



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I remember when they Introduced Skyrim, they said this is a PC Game, when it clearly was just a Port from the Xbox to PC, i Really Hope and Wish they can Actually make a PC Version of TESVI

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Since when are you meant to kill Parthurnaax? It always felt like sparing him was the better ending to me.



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True, but its clear theres No Option for it, your Fate has already been written.




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There is a dialogue option for it, you can tell Argneir that he mustn't worry because you won't kill Parthunax. It just hasn't any quest-stage relevance. Although I would have preferred a solution like the "Parthunax Dilemma" mod offered too. 

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