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Leaving a Note: a Dragonborn's M.O

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I was wondering if there is a mod where the Dragonborn can LEAVE LETTERS at certain locations? Of course for immersive RP purposes?


You see, there are quests where you're tasked to kill, or steal from a bunch of guys right? And wouldn't it be nice if the player can write some sort of letter, leaving it at the scene of the crime? All I've been doing is leave a Nightshade flower to make it look like it's my M.O. I've thought about how awesome it would be at certain scenarios, for example--when you infiltrate Calcemo's museum, steal a bunch of stuff and replace some items on display cases for a letter from the culprit. The assassination missions from the Dark Brotherhood, especially killing the General's son and the Emperor himself. Killing the Silver-Bloods because they're just money-mongering dickheads. Killing Nepos the Nose and his crew, and putting their heads on a basket, and more.


But what I want the most is killing the Thalmors and leaving a note. When I infiltrated the Thalmor Embassy, I beheaded all the Thalmors there and placed their bodies and heads on peculiar spots, like Elenwen's bed. Then, at the torture room, I beheaded Rulindil and his crew, piled up their corpses on Etienne's cell, and placed their heads on the table Rulindil was writing on. 


If only I knew how to make mods :( 

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