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F keys mixed up with hotkeys


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Right so nexus just deleted my whole detailed post because teehee timed out.


I'll make this brief. I am annoyed, sorry for my tone. 


My activate key is bound to f5. Quicksave is bound to Num0. Favourites; F6, Radial menu; F4, Powers/Shout; F7-- all of which are on my Logitech mouse, G602, which behaves like a gem outside of skyrim. This is an issue only in skyrim. 


I press f5 and I hear a loud click. I realise it's a sound overlaying the activation sound. It's the hotkey equip sound, odd. I open favourites (F6) and there's another obnoxious click, and I find that my cloak is unequipped. Strange, it isn't even on a hotkey, nor is it grouped. Maybe I did something by accident? Well F4 also equips another spell. All of my f keys are equipping/unequipping something. Why. This is scaring me.


I rebooted my pc, and the issue was gone. Thank god.


Now it's back. 

It's back again.

There it is again.


I suspect SkyUI, people have touched on similar issues but with no clear solution. I have unbound all the group keys on SkyUI to no avail. I recall installing some extended control config mod, but I forgot the name because it didn't fix my issue. I checked all my MCM settings and unbound anything suspicious, to no avail. It's the mere fact that by rebooting my pc, the issue is placated temporarily. 


I have been using loot and have recently reinstalled FNIS and SkyUI, and I have uninstalled any suspicious recent mods. No avail. I also reinstalled VioLens a couple dozen times last week trying to get it to work, which it doesn't for many people. 


What's going on? Is this a virus or is this skyrim? Skyrim focused virus???? I would've tolerated the loud click noise but because it's gone as far as unequipping my armour in combat just because I opened a menu, I'm losing my sanity. 

Edit: I know for a fact that it's mixing up F5 with a normal number key, because if I unbind activate from f5 and try to rebind it to f5, it says "This key is reserved". Nonsensical, because it was JUST at F5. I will also clarify that is it consequently pressing two keys at the same time, which is why I'm able to activate things normally WHILE it makes weird s*** happen.


Edit 2: I may need to take this to Logitech. This issue begins immediately after turning the mouse off and back on. 

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