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[HELP] Some mod is causing a bug with inventory slots.

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HI. I just found out about Valheim modding and immediately went to Nexus to install a few mods.
My mistake was to install a bunch in one go, now I'm facing a bug and don't know which mod is causing it and the BepInEx log won't show me anything related.

The bug: The last row of slots in the inventory is considered to be always occupied, even though it's not, so if I try to fill my inventory from a container with the "Take All" button or pick up items from the ground, it'll just fill up the to the third slot, then it'll show the message "No room in inventory".

I can put items in the last row but only manually. 

Here's my mod list: 

[spoiler] Any Portal
Better Archery
Better UI
Clock Mod
Craft from Containers
Crop Replant

Discard Inventory Items
Floating Items
Improved Build HUD
Interact While Building
Locate Merchant
More Slots (I've installed this one last to see if it would overwrite the mod causing conflict, but didn't work. The extra rows added are working fine, though)
Quick Stack
Repair All
Time Mod
TP Wolves
Unrestricted Portals
Useful Trophies
Valheim FPS Boost 




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It's Better Archery. Has some bugs still.




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I had modded bugs with my inventory and chests casued by one of the modded items. I killed my character in a water (previously emptying the inventory - only the modded item was unremovable). After returning, all was fine.

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