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1950's era player home

1950 player home house retro era

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I have had this idea in my head since Fallout 3 first came out. And over the years I have tried to do it myself but it always falls short of my expectations. Mainly because I can not make models and I have issues retexturing chairs and such (crashes my GECK).


I also can not really "make" my own interiors. I'm very OCD so if the tile sets don't perfectly fit together I flip out. This leaves me to make do with other peoples house mods, which takes a long time to clear out all the stuff I don't want and refill it with stuff I do want.


What I need and want are two things which I will go into in detail. It all rests on how much help I can get from people.


One I need someone to make a "typical" 1950's house layout. Do not fill the house, just get the rooms set up nice so that there are no gaps or overlaps. Something like a ranch style house? A living room, bedrooms (one master and one smaller for kids/guests), bathroom(s?), den/study/office area for the man of the house, large kitchen for the lady of the house (sexist I know but that was the mindset back then) and so on. I'm kinda guessing around here..I was born in the 90's so I don't know much, only what I have seen from movies and pictures. Use the cleanest tile set you can find, that's still "home like".


Or two, someone actually takes this all on as a project (with my help of course, doing whatever I can). I mainly do texture work, but I can place items in cells fine and seem to have a knack for cluttering a place. I know a little bit about scripts as well (like activate an object and get X of an item back). If someone does this option, I will need you to also know how to texture/know someone who can texture, so we can have a nice clean tile set to work with (I would do it myself but I only really texture items, but I could try?). Also if you knew how to model that would be a huge help. On top of laying out the interior, you would be making models of normal household items found in the 1950's. Such as glassware, kitchen items, bar items (I know that a lot of people had small bar areas in their homes, or just a set of glasses and such to make drinks), and so on. Also it wouldn't hurt to have a new home model for the outside. Or you could retexture an existing home.


I know this is a lot to ask, and I don't have high hopes in anyone doing this. But this has been on my mind off and on for a few years, always bugging me so I thought I would ask.


And for those who don't want to read it all, i'm looking for help in making a typical 1950's era house for the player. Clean! And filled with items you would find from that era.


I'm most likely forgetting a few things, so I'll add to this later if I remember anything.

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