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Okay so If you ever played Oblivion and gotten the Wizards tower DLC Then you know what I'm Asking for, Yes It would a be a big job but i mean seriously CK just came out for Skyrim like last year and we still haven't made a mod for Creating our very own spells like in Oblivion? Surely Someone Has to have the skill to make it by now, I enjoy the loads of spells we got here on the nexus available for download but it kinda... i mean REALLY Breaks the immersion and Role-play as a mage/necro/druid to not be able to create our own spells... I remember back in Oblivion I made a spell that increased my Destruction while also my restoration (morphing self healing with self damage) I miss that V.V.... If anyone out there can grant this request of mine it would be a god send! and when I mean make it i mean practically working the same way the spell creator did in Oblivion. This would obviously hit the Top Mod files too, as to almost every mage/necro/druid player would go to it like moths to a light thinking they're hearing the words "It's So Beautiful!" or just have a bunch of stupid but hilarious fun.


Just think about it, If it would be possible to find out exactly how the spell creation system worked in oblivion, we could bring it to Skyrim, It would improve immersion, and bring about more fun and diversity among game


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We don't have a spell editing function at this time.

So to have near infinite spell combinations is impossible for modders until Bethesda or the SKSE team intervenes.

theres a mod being worked on called the last altar that gives you access to a spell altar.

but it the modder needs to manually make a new spell for each combination, severely limiting the possibilities.
but it will probably be the closest thing we might see released.

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