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Any good Halo inspired mods for FO4?

halo fallout4 replacers workshop

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A question that has been burning in my mind for a while, is that here are no settlement items or workshop items that are halo inspired. so I come to the fabulous modders and community here on Nexus, is there anyone amongst that can give me some suggestions as to any good HALO inspired mods (preferably here on nexus) but I will go to external sites as well I will give a list of the halo mods currently in my load order, to help narrow it down.


- Brute Invasion - Supermutant Replacer

- Brute Voices for Super Mutants

- MA37 and BR55

- Minutemen ODST Replacer

- Misriah Armory

- Mjolnir MKv (B)

- ODST Battle Armor 2K

- UNSC Crew Pack

- UNSC And ONI Equipment Overhaul


those are the HALO mods currently in my Load Order, like I said, if there any settlement workshop items that you guys and gals can think of, please let me know, I have 3 different profiles on Vortex for each playthrough, and im currently doing a HALO playthrough. any and all suggestions will be welcome!

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