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Growing Talent (Spatial)

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Player starts off with learning a low tiered power, this case from Spatial Crystal, ie related to the concept of Space, and is found among rare enemy loot and highly priced at few vendors, and could be considered a cursed as it cost Maximum Magicka, but tiny amount.

However, by constantly using it, the player gains more benefits from it, lower its maximum magika cost, until eventually its free to cast, except a new phase is started and news spell are added that cost more then the previous one.

Too offset the player going too much into 'Max.Magicka Debt' spatial crystals, can be used instead of paying it with Max.Magicka, but they are rare and costly, or, instead of using them through a spell, they can be actived through the menu, outside of battle

This allows partial shards of the Crystal, found more commonly, to be recombined into whole ones, recharge Magicka, raise Maximum Magicka, or improve the skill and eventually going to the next phase


1st Phase, physical enhancement, From low tier of blinking at short distances to high tiered Bound Teleport ARROW (5 seconds)?

2nd Phase, hyperspace inventory, think bag-of-holding which upgrades its own maximum carry weight from time to time, requiring every time that the player needs to empty it, in order switch over to another container

3rd Phase, Pocket Dimension, the main feature of this mod, which its own set of stages, each with more energy/effort requirements, but each higher stage has more benefits

    Overall Interior design is a Spherical/cylindrical design architecture, working from the Centre with a Exit portal inside the centre, walk into to teleport back from which the player cast the lesser power

    Primary idea is static Walls prevent Player to walk to the next room, even disabling everything not needed at the time (lore reasons)

    1st Stage    Initial Room is a Circular design, Barely room enough to walk around the exit, while having some space to place small furniture, from other mods
    2nd Stage    Enough space to allow bigger furniture to be placed, either by this mod or by another mods, with the former using MCM to enable/disable furniture (ie Bed = ON; Forge = ON etc)
                    All future Rooms should sufficient areas for third-party furniture and/or have its furniture togglable, wont be surprised that most players would stick in this stage
    3rd Stage    Circular Corridor, centred around the initial room, with eventual access to other rooms, either doorways are blocked off by 'static' object or by placing Teleporting doors,
                Regardless the method, the most new rooms would have access from the corridor but also having interconnecting as well as having being the centre points

                'hidden' Twin-stair case the goes to the top and bottom, which has notable semi-spheric design, ie workable area might be a flat circle but its definitely visible the its supposed to be a sphere, if not counting the corridor level
                    Top contains the clean Library, for basic Book storage, Enchanting stuff,
                    Bottom contains the dirty Crafting room, Smelter / Forge / Anvil / Grindstone / Tanning Rack
    4th Stage    Private Domain, teleport only doors placed in the Corridor, which initially all 4 leads to an exterior Cell, a medium-sized island with the circular house as its centre
                Ideally, the terrain would provide a natural barrier with some
                'Resource gathering area', scattered around the area are every type of natural resources, which is enabled on certain conditions
                    Conditions are met when accumulating enough resources elsewhere (for example, a total 1000 yellow flowers in inventory) cast a new spell gained by this stage (Infuse), and resources is spent 'seeding' the area
                    Same goes for ores and such, but typically blocked off with 'static' covers
                    Chopping Wood and Cutting Lumber are free and as does a few basic crops re-spawns daily
                'Prime Real Estate', several areas that, except for removable 'static' placed obstacles, are ideally to be used for building houses but are removed from the Centre point of the island, thus circular house
                Circular House interior gains 4 additional teleporting doors, that only be inside the Private Domain itself, outside the circular House
    5th Stage    Outer Ring, a new teleporting door is added onto the inner wall of the corridor, at the opposite side of the centre room, which teleports the player to a larger circular corridor, with numbered amount of one-way teleporting doors

                    By using this stage's new spell {Place Door], the player can place a door anywhere outside the Pocket Dimension, allowing instant travel
NOTE #0 While i 'request' this mod, i do not play Skyrim not that as much any more, life etc, so this can be considered me shouting to the void, with the desired mod i wished i would have playing Skyrim for the 2+ time
    Through this mod, the reader should notices several concepts that i would have wished to see done in other mods, like considering that third party items/furniture would effect their own mod, and leaving space to do so and/or toggle-able-ity of existing furniture
    Among considering other third party mods, i would like to see mods that either incorporate (seamlessly) all architecture into one, by reinforcing/countering them with others, or starting off with a all-neutral-look, but not so that it looks like plastic
    'Growth' is another concept i would like to see elsewhere, perhaps with this mods as just a chapter in a series involving concepts, like Ice/Frost, or any elemental, to gain Frost powers but slowly decreasing Max.Magicka untill permanent & visible enhancement allow free casting
NOTE #1 Mod itself should be divided into several plug-ins, with the first main plug-in providing the bulk of the work, whitest the remaining plugins can be activated to suit the Users preferences
NOTE #2 Using 'Static' objects that block off access, they would be placed seamlessly among its wall, that first time player doesn't know this, would expect a access to be placed here, whiles t Using 'Teleport' doors, would ideally be done inside the same Cell





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How should it be upgraded? just x uses per stage?


I really like the idea of alot of these, but if i get round to doing any of them, they will likely be smaller separate mods.


For now existing mods with similar concepts include:

Huntsman - a bow with upgrades that unlock as your smithing and archery skills increase.

Signature equipment - weapons and armour an grow in damage and resistance through use. customizable.


My Wizards Pocket Study my scratch your pocket dimension itch, though it isn't quite as feature rich as your request.




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Cost-wise, it would be a lesser power, thats free to cast magicka-wise, but scripted ('player.modav magicka -1'), but having a second look at it might be not that simple, raising max.magicka is doable but lowering it? But i believe its not a problem for a good enough modder.

Mind you, this 'request' is just me shouting-at-the-void, i dont expect too much from it.


While some features are provided by other mods, most of them are tied intrinsically to its mods theme and some requires  clearing a (easy) quest line, or tied to a faction (College of winterhold, Vampire? Dragonborn-esque?)

I would like to see a more neutral approach to this, with the closest of all mods that I have played thats the being the Dwemer Jar, but its too much OP and relies too much to dwemer architecture and had the entrance from the side, and lore wise tied to an object


As for other similair growth mods, i suspect i needed be more clear, as the concepts i always had in mind was always magical in nature, ( Fire / Frost / Shock / Time / Speed / Death / etc ) as a end-game the player worked their way to be come the pinnacle of its concept.

But other growth aspects, like physical skills etc, its also good, but would like to see it as a mod-series, with the User either opting-in or loading only a select plugins etc


Wizard pocket study does have similarities  with other mods, like constantly using the same crystal-like appearances, i do appreciate the suggestion though

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