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Download problems through Vortex


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Hey, I'm having download problems through Vortex specifically (I say Vortex because I can download mods manually from Nexus Mods without any problems) I can also download games through Steam, and Chrome without any problems as well.


When I try to download mods from Nexus Mods, using Vortex, it will download for a few seconds usually around 3/4 mbs then it grinds to a halt. Sometimes it will pick back up, only to stop again. I do pay for premium, and I have logged out of both Vortex, and Nexus mods, while changing servers just to be sure there wasn't any issues there. I've also reset my computer's network settings with no success. I do not use a VPN, although I had downloaded Hamachi yesterday for the Skyrim Together mod. (Since then, I have uninstalled Hamachi, and again, reset my network settings) My Vortex did install an update yesterday, so I'm not sure if there's a glitch or not. I've been told from others that their Vortex is not having problems. I had posted this in the Vortex support earlier, which I was recommended to bring the discussion over to the general feedback forums.


Country: USA


ISP: ATT Fiber


Average Download Speed: 10/12 mbs


Large File: https://chicago-prem...ip=


Small File: https://cf-files.nex...ip=




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C:\Users\*****>tracert files.nexus-cdn.com
Tracing route to files.nexus-cdn.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  dsldevice.attlocal.net []
  2     6 ms     9 ms     7 ms  162-226-40-1.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net []
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     8 ms     7 ms     7 ms  cr84.cgcil.ip.att.net []
  5    10 ms     8 ms     7 ms  cgcil403igs.ip.att.net []
  6     7 ms     6 ms     6 ms  be3039.ccr41.ord03.atlas.cogentco.com []
  7     7 ms     7 ms     6 ms  be2766.ccr42.ord01.atlas.cogentco.com []
  8     7 ms     7 ms     6 ms  be2125.rcr21.ord04.atlas.cogentco.com []
  9     6 ms     6 ms     6 ms  us-chi-r1.cdn77.com []
 10     6 ms     6 ms     6 ms  unassigned.cdn77.com []
 11     6 ms     *        6 ms  unn-185-246-209-245.datapacket.com []
Trace complete.




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This morning I tried looking at the logs from Vortex, I'll post them here for more information to see if someone who is more tech savvy can help me figure this out:
Here's the logs pulled from Vortex for the mod: Skyrim Flora Overhaul. You can see how the download (through the logs) had been paused/canceled by user multiple times (I would like to state that until the very end of the log, I had not paused or canceled the download myself until it just eventually stopped downloading and I decided to stop the whole download.)
Below the Vortex logs, I have included a manual download from Chrome, showing how it is downloading smoothly. Now when I get to larger downloads over 1 gb, I start to have problems manually downloading. But as far as this test goes, I'm using the same mod, same file, and same servers. Vortex keeps pausing downloads to the point of being unable to finish, whereas manuals (for the most part is working fine). So I'm really at a loss as to what to do to fix this. I've tried changing my server preferences multiple times, I've checked for updates to Vortex. The only thing that I have not tried yet is uninstalling Vortex and reinstalling it, but I've been told by multiple people that it is not an issue through Vortex itself. So I'm just not really sure what is going on at this point, and any help would be most appreciated!



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I believe that my download problems have resolved themselves now. I don't know how to close this forum, or if it should stay open for future reference. But at the time of me writing this post, I can now download from Nexus without any problems again.

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