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gun control - what are we waiting for ?

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    stop hate & conspiracy!

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why do i know even before reading the content of some people here that it will be plain repeated misinformation or just permanently repeated claims instead of useful, future proof content? is your world of thoughts and available media really so limited and so small? it is still fascinating for me to see this kind of perseverance accompanied by a nice portion of ignorance.

and no - the mob you mean is not the mob as you claim - this could be your potential neighbor and it is the majority of citizens in your country and all the other civilized countries.


your sad reality mixed with childish ignorance doesn't change any facts outside of this limited bubble. OldSaltyCroc explained it very, very good. much better than i can with my limited english language abilities.

i would like to see how you would debate and argue together with me in my native language...

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