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Create a mod which makes NPCs equip umbrellas when it rains (an already existing feature, yet very rare)

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As most people know, npcs only VERY rarely equip an umbrella once it begins it rain. So rare that many people like myself have yet to see it themselves. Anyone who has seen hordes of NPCs walking through the rain without any kind of reaction has likely taken issue with this due to how strange it is. Cyberpunk obviously has a laundry list of issues which break immersion on a regulat basis, but this seems like something which can be addressed. The ability for NPCs to equip umbrellas is already an existing feature, as seen here: https://www.reddit.c...web2x&context=3  I can only hope that someone far more skilled than myself could diagnose and then remedy this issue. There are MANY people, I absolutely guarantee, who also want this mod, that's because this game's fanbase is crawling with Blade Runner fans, like myself. People modding Cyberpunk with the intention of making it resemble the movie's atmosphere, or who won't be happy until the game is more BR than CP2077, share the same issue as I, aiming for a vaguely similar atmosphere. The issue is: if you're going to mod the game, and make it rain constantly in the city, your immersion is going to go out the window once you observe large amounts of people walking around the city with no umbrella, behaving totally nonchalantly. So how difficult would it be to bring this feature/behavior of the npcs back to something closer to what may have been originally intended? I mean, technically it's already a dynamic behavior in the game currently, it's just so rare that many people don't realize umbrellas weren't actually cut completely. I'm positive why this was... not cut, but maybe sliced?.. ..down to being an extremely rare thing. Somebody who decides to attempt undertaking this task will likely learn why the studio wasn't confident in this feature, and that doesn't mean a competent modder wouldn't be capable of finding a clever method of doing what they didn't finish. As I said, this is something that will become a mandatory mod for a LARGE number of players, because for some it makes a rainy day less odd, but there are so many blade runner fans who live incomplete lives without this. Perhaps anyone interested could advertise here, or create their own forum post with the intention of seeking assistance. If somebody by some well-welcomed coincidence has already began trying to make this, please let me know, even if you'd like to inform me privately for one reason or another, I can assure you I won't share a single detail with anyone regarding your work. Many people wouldn't have total confidence in trusting a faceless stranger, so I understand if details regarding a project currently underway aren't meant for my eyes, as much of a shame it is.

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