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I had an idea just recently, figured it would be fun to make a oldrimodpack that's interchangeable upon overwrite paths, think of it like a flow chart, where you pick a modpack (modlist) and start with about 20-30 mods then build upon the modpack slowly with a slight-linear modpack pathway or set linear ladder. my philosophy behind this is kinda like a fable III thing where you choose to be light, dark, or neutral, (otherwise anime, realist, or anime realism. quite possibly teen, mature, or restricted [like a movie rating]) play the mod pack for at least one questline (or arc) then add to the modlist with a modpack farther down the path or higher up on the modpack ladder. why i need other modders help with this project idea is I'll need a written utility program (such as automaton if you catch my drift) maybe something like a SKSE and SkyUI mod to detect a completed questline then the player would be prompted to pick the next pathway, opened possibilities or ladder step, whatever i'd/we'd decide to do. message or reply if anyone's interested in making this project possible and have it come into fruition. new quest mods as a mod exclusive would be nice too.

here's my layout idea:

start with either light, dark, or neutral, then pick a branch after one questline has been completed, overwrite
is necessary.
set linear modpath that starts with anime, realist, or anime realism, questline unlocks arc, overwrite is necessary.
it's a combination of Modpath and Modladder, where the first half of the game is modladder, then the last half is
modpath, or vice versa where you're given a interchangeable ultimatum halfway through the game to choose your path or



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So....are you just the "Idea Guy", and need others to actually implement everything, or do you also have skills to contribute to this as well?


Because the projects where someone with an idea, who can't script, code, do textures, work in the CK, make animations etc, never go anywhere, because it relies on everybody else to do the work.

Just being a realist, I've seen this happen since Morrowind.




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I'm totally on board with this "free labor for a stranger" thing. Expect weekly progress reports.




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That part where someone has to make a 3rd party program for you is the biggest turn off of the whole idea.

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