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Unable to download intermediate sized files

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I am sorry to post on someone else post.


My ticket was opened on march 29th at 10:59 under "Download issues" on this forum. However since this morning, I was able to download 3 files of 200+ Mb. Changed nothing. I checking bigger files now.


As a comment to help Daltoneb who seems affected by a slow line like my terrible rural line. This problem only occurs on a premium account.  I did several traces and they had always time-out after entry "reliance-mrs.cdn77.com []" regardless of the ISP used.




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  • Amsterdam: 325 kB/s
  • Prague: 325 kB/s
  • LA: 325 kB/s
  • Chicago: 325 kB/s
  • Miami: 325 kB/s
  • Premium CDN: 325 kB/s



Unfortunately, if the speed a consistently bad across all our servers that points to a more localised problem. It may be something to do with your ISP or simply bad routing between our servers and your location. 


If you are able, please can you try a VPN and see if that makes any difference?




I tried a VPN, no noticable difference. I've had premium for years and never had this happen before.

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