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SvalinnGaming - BANNED

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SvalinnGaming banned.


Filing abusive mod reports (seen by site staff btw, not the mod authors).


Report: f*** off faggots, you dont belong here go kill yourselves already


Report: keep your bulls*** views the f*** out of modding, it ruins everything! We are gonna start f***ing you all up in the streets if this bulls*** dont f***ing stop


Report: yet another site getting destroyed by these useless feminists and their s*** views making you cowards bow down out of fear, i hope this entire site goes bankrupt you commie fucks



Pretty sure there's a bridge somewhere missing its troll.


We ask you to abstain from reporting content that does not adhere to your personal standards as we will only take action if the reported content is found to be in violation of our site rules. Personal disputes of subjective opinion are not acceptable grounds for a report. Such situations are often best resolved by our content and user blocking tools. More info about these tools can be found in our FAQs.

Using these tools to submit harassing, redundant, or frivolous submissions, may result in administrative action. Please respect the time of our staff by only submitting reports that adhere to the following guidelines detailed below. Failure to do so may result in an inability to respond to your report.


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