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Power Armor Overhaul

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Hello all.

I don't like how Power Armor is implemented in the game, so I'm requesting an overhaul that has a few things as the goal:

1. Allows for Power Armor to be used indefinitely. However only in a way that allows for mid-late to late game use of Power Armor.

2. Rebalances Power Armor so that even the strongest and best modded Power Armor is only as much as somewhat more defensive than the next best fully modded standard armor. Each Power Armor type will be only be a bit better overall than the last, modded or not. i.e. whether you fully mod Raider Power Armor to be as defensive as possible or don't, either way T-45 Power Armor will only be a bit better defensively than RPA proportionally whether T-45 has been fully modded or not. The idea is to make it so that Power Armor is needed to make something that can easily shred through standard armor just up to the level of survivable, but you're still going to get your butt kicked if you don't play intelligently.

3. Creates a progression from Raider Power Armor, T-45 Power Armor, T-50 Power Armor, and so on down the line for the player, so while said armor might exist in the game, the player won't be able to use it until they qualify for the tier.

4. Implements the above into the game in an organic immersive way you wouldn't notice if you didn't already know it was a mod.

Something like this:

At first you can't use Power Armor at all. Any Frames you encounter you can't step into and only contain bits of rusty, broken power armor pieces and frame parts you'll need later. The one exception is the T-45 on top of the Concord Museum, which will function perfectly just long enough to complete the "Clear Concord of Hostiles" portion of the When Freedom Calls quest before frying itself, destroying the armor, wrecking the frame, and forcing the player to get out and pick up the remains.

After that, you'll have a heavily busted Power Armor frame and a bit of metal. First you've got to locate some schematics to fix the frame and another set of schematics to create a power pack. Both found in high level areas you'll get shredded at if you go there early-mid game. Then obtain the necessary Armorsmith and Science Perks, level 3 at least. After that point you can fix the Power Armor frame by finding parts off other frames, and can build as many Power Armor frames as you want, but you can't salvage or craft Power Armor to put on it unless you've got the schematics to do so and the appropriate perks. Raider Power Armor is available immediately to salvage or craft, but the others aren't and their schematics are scattered around even higher level areas than the stuff for the frame.

That's the best I could come up with, but honestly though I hoping people surprise me.

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