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Fix found for FOSE and New Vegas not working on Windows 10 20H2

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As title. Spent hours and hours trying to figure out why Fallout NV wouldn't even launch. Uninstalled, Reinstalled, verified local files in steam, UAC is switched off, installed on my D: drive etc etc. Gave up. Reinstalled Fallout 3, checked it loaded which it did. Spent hours and hours installing a large mod list, only to find FOSE wouldn't work. More hours checking all the usual, no joy.

I finally figured out the issue just now, its Windows Exploit Protection. To resolve:

  1. Right click start menu -> click settings

  2. Update & Security

  3. Windows Security

  4. Virus & Threat detection

  5. App & browser control

  6. Exploit protection settings

  7. Program settings

  8. Add program to customise -> Choose exact file path

  9. Browse to Fallout.exe

  10. Scroll down, Tick 'Force randomisation for images (Mandatory ASLR) and make sure its set to Off.

Repeat for FalloutNV.exe, enjoy!


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:ohmy:!  Nice investigation.  I don't think it's restricted to FOSE.  That setting should affect anything that attempts to load the game, such as NVSE loader; or even a system with high security settings.
Added as "Issue - Game won't launch on Win10 for security reasons" under the "Solutions to Starting the game problems" section of the "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" wiki article.


Do you happen to recall the System Eventlog error entry that started you down the rabbit hole to that solution?


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That's the thing, on my machine there were no error messages of any kind. The event logs were clean, no crashes, nowt, zilch, naaathing.


It was a hunch based on something that popped up on one of the machines I support at work, it wasn't exactly the same since it actually crashed and gave an error message but it was a package which put a hook into the winsock stack or something along those lines. It got me thinking that FOSE must launch some kind of hook into the FO3 exe maybe I was dealing with the same issue.  Though that doesnt explain why even the standard FONV executable wouldnt run, I guess theres some kind of magic going on under the hood.


Anyway, if it helps even 1 person avoid the 12 hours of messing about I went to I'll be happy :D

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