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Mod Request: Eliminate Gender Restrictions on Clothing and Hair

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In a city where you can be anyone, and in a game that specifically made genitals not locked to a specific body type, it drives me NUTS that the game is surprisingly restricting when it comes to gender.



For some strange reason, hair is locked, so no variety of longer hairstyles for the male body type, and no variety for short hairstyles for the female body type, even though voice isn't locked. Hair is though? Bizarre, CDPR.



The same goes for clothing. I realize that certain aspects of each can clip through the clothing, so it's not a 1:1 conversion, but still. It would be really nice to have access to all clothing in the game, regardless on what body type you chose. Let a male body type V wear high heels. Let a female body type V NOT be forced to wear stupid wedges when murdering people at high velocity.



Extra Note:

It would be particularly nice if the character creation was unilaterally equal. Genitals can be on either model, but for some reason boobs aren't. And no matter what I try, I cannot get a male body type V to NOT have 5 o'clock shadow. If you're going to say your game champions genderqueer and trans characters, and you made it a marketing point to highlight your free dick-for-all, then at least have a shred of follow-through.

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